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I Pick at Her

My husband gave our old dog Zoe a bath today in our bathroom, without telling me. I ended up doing the bath because it’s more like a spa day rather than “Daddy twisted me every which way to wash and rinse for 20 minutes as is his methodical persuasion.”

That’s Zoe. She’s our little Aussie runty shelter mutt. She’s smart. Forget the letters b-a-l-l, she even knows what spherical device means so when we’re told to go get it, we do as it’ll keep her quiet then she’ll sleep.

We go out 4-5 times together every day. If my husband is in town, she gets a long walk after her dinner so I can cook ours. Of late, she’s been shedding like crazy. I pull out tufts when we’re outdoors on walks so that the birds and squirrels can line their nests for a cold winter.

Zoe’s, then my husband’s shower made me clean the bathroom twice and do two loads of laundry. And husband didn’t ask if I had that in my plan, just did it. He is a kind person, means well and I love him dearly.

Hours, 24. That’s for Zoe to mostly air dry. I won’t take her to a groomer or allow several hair dryers to beat on her while she is in a crate. She hates any vacuum cleaner and is a wash & wear gal, like me. Those tufts are coming out like crazy and I want to pull them but need to let her dry.

Zoe needs a winter coat, and shouldn’t be shedding summer so if we get rid of the undercoat, she can always grow another. She only sheds 365 days a year! Tumbling tumbleweeds.

Tomorrow I guess I get to wash towels and sheets….. Cheerily, Dee




My dogs never lie. I’ve always kept them on a schedule but they always told me when they needed to go out and it was not to try to kill a squirrel. Not that it wasn’t always on their minds, but after 25 years of dog ownership my dogs have never bagged an SQ. Yes, that’s what we have to call them these days. As is the only ball our dog will ever have, indestructible, a “spherical device.”

Hey, our brains are bigger! Let us use these brains. I like to think we’ve built up enough trust that they just tell us what they need and we figure it out and do it. Sometimes it’s unclear whether they want the ball or to go out to do #1. Other times they may eat something icky/dead from the sidewalk and vomit on our bed. No problem. Six loads of wash here and one at our friends up the street in a huge washer, the down comforter, with a pair of my Crocs to fluff before folding.

Our Zoe never lies. If she needs to go out, she needs to go out. I jump into appropriate clothing for the weather and go asap. Cats lie. I didn’t scratch the other cat, I’m just sitting here minding my manners and licking my paws! “I saw you do that, Mick”. I’m not paying attention to you, Mom, you only feed me and clean my litter box. I never did anything wrong so bring out my dinner or I’ll keep slamming the kitchen cabinet doors at 4:00 a.m. and pooping just outside the box. Cats blackmail.

My children have been four, two cats, two dogs to raise all from shelters, one cat in need of a private rescue. Each one was taken seriously, and individually. Oh, what stories I could tell. I do know that our dog Zoe is a truthful gal and loves us as we love her.

My husband recently replaced a card of mine with one with her picture. Not the best picture, looks like ASPCA and living in a yard with snow and no water and no dog house. Zoe lives indoors, sleeps on our bed and eats frozen raw lamb, rabbit, venison or duck. Our Zoe does go out for 5-6 walks per day. We interact with people and other dogs and that’s good.

When she was a pup my father-in-law said young Zoe could come for Thanksgiving, he’d clean the leaves out of a goat pen for her. I told my new husband I was staying home with our dog. F-I-L found and cleaned old dog crate and put it in my husband’s old room. They ran a dairy and now a ranch. They’ve no indoor dogs.

Zoe never used the crate, slept on our bed. Now she stands on F-I-L’s sofa space and watches out for him coming in from hauling hay or grain or taking out our nephew. Grandpa J pretends he doesn’t like Zoe but she loves him and he knows it.

I can’t have indoor cats (love them) because my husband is allergic to them. I can have dogs if they’re bathed often, which I do. Our Zoe is at the door awaiting my husband from a business meeting. She misses us, but me most because I feed her and walk her. My husband is the “fun guy” so she loves seeing him and she hates to see him leave for work with a suitcase for a week or two. That’s how it goes. Dee

Big Dog Bowls and Absent-Minded Professors

A few weeks ago I ordered dog bowls for Zoe. They turned out to be cat-sized bowls and the company didn’t even want them back. I gave them to a friend.

There are always new worlds out there. Zoe’s first adult collar broke after ten years. Now, her first puppy dish set has rusted throughout after nearly 12 years. I’m now using handmade silk Martingale collars with a leather leash. They give her comfort and me control and there’s really nothing to break as she won’t be with us another 15-20 years.

Yes, we like to keep them pups. Her new bowls are larger (former are saved, stainless, and in the car for trips). It has a stand for water and food. She’ll be 12 in late January and deserved an alternative to the rusty bowl holder, and to have something a few inches up so that as she ages, she doesn’t have to bend down so much for her food. That’s what dog mom’s do.


The absent-minded professor has been away for most of two years for work. He borrowed my car yesterday evening for a business meeting. We pay for designated parking spaces. He left home for two hours, returned at 8 p.m.

This morning I got a call. He parked in someone else’s spot. Similar space, wrong floor. So if you remember the old game Clue, the parking space stealer was the absent-minded professor, the crime was done in the garage with the wife’s car keys.

And I hit a pole trying to get out of this space that can probably hold a Mini-Cooper, not a mid-sized SUV. Hurt my bumper, just a scratch to remember this mishap. No, my husband does not drink. Only Dr. Pepper. He was just thinking of other things. That’s what he does when life is bothering him. I’d rather he think things through in the shower than in our garage. With my car, the only car our dog Zoe is allowed to be in with her orthopedic bed and cargo net.

I did send a “sorry” note through channels to whomever owns that space, as parking is precious here. I sent it on a card I bought in Florence, Florentine paper and envelope. Hope that’s enough. He made a mistake. Others have taken our parking spots in the past and that was malice, not error.

Cheerily? Dee

Playtime/Bedtime for Bonzo

You may not remember Bedtime for Bonzo, I’ve never seen it either but it was actor/president Ronald Reagan’s most famous B-movie.

Every once in a while I say “bedtime for bonzo” when it’s time for Zoe to lead me to bed. She always does. At night Zoe the dog needs her beauty sleep so she can be a neighborhood mascot during the day. No, I don’t give her cucumber slices for her eyes.

Our canine friend L is coming over to spend a few days with us. They get along, have similar schedules and chase a bit but normally just steal a toy and play keep-away until they tire.

I believe it is healthy for old dogs like Zoe and younger ones to spend time together, as long as Zoe doesn’t teach her too many bad habits! Arf! Dee

In Sickness and in Health

My dog is fine. She’s having a great time meeting and greeting and even meeting new pups. She’s 80 in people years, kind of reminds me of my Great Aunt O who lived to 100, or 98, or 104, who knows. She would never tell us. Neither did Zoe. I just put her portfolio in front of me and it told me she was just six weeks old when we got her from the shelter. She’s nearly twelve years now, hip-less and happy.

D downstairs is sick. I just made him some herbal tea and gave him Wellness Formula, which has gotten me out of way more than a common cold. Try double pneumonia.

In sickness and in health, I may have promised my husband, returning tomorrow, that years ago. As he did to me. That’s what we do. Healthily and happily, hoping to enjoy my good food…. Dee


In two ways. It’s night and Zoe and I were asleep and she started to get sick to her stomach. I got her to the bathroom where she got sick on the tile floor. I picked it up and cleaned the area. She’s now lying on another bed of hers, by my desk and seems OK but lost her entire dinner. I’ll watch her tonight and tomorrow and talk with my husband when I decide whether to go to the vet. I gotcha off the carpet, Zoe!

The next is more sinister. I’ve had three real bullies in my life, and two who just wouldn’t let me do the job I was paid to do. Age 8, the F brothers took my winter hat and passed it around, then ripped it in half. When I got off the school bus, sobbing, I was sent to the principal’s office where I had to identify the perpetrators. I knew I’d be dead the next day. Our neighbors, combined, had ten kids which was over half the school bus. They let the brothers know in no uncertain terms that I was never to be molested again. Thank goodness for the children of dairymen! Not a blow was thrown, it was words and good people.

The second is this third-rate chief of staff for a committee chairperson in the legislature. He made my life a living hell, through words and deeds. He’s still on my list. Recently I found out my former boss, who became head of the entire brigade, has been out for this guy’s hide for decades! Thanks, K!

Third is someone who should have retired years before I ever met him. He didn’t want me at my client location so would trick me, calling me at home late at night, into fake meetings and say to the chairman of the board that I called the meeting when I showed up at 8 a.m. He must be dead now. Nothing I could do about that at the time but get a grant so I wouldn’t have to deal with him and a requirement that either the President or Chair would be with me if I had to do so. It was their requirement, not mine.

Now there’s another Gotcha! A son of a long-term businessman nearby kicked me out of his automotive shop. I’ve been a good customer there for years. He then bragged to fellow mechanics about how he kicked me out and he had already doubled his father’s estimate for an oil change and checking fluids and brake lights. Word is he wants to make it a bar for motorcycle enthusiasts.

This one I dealt with all on my own. I found a new mechanic who did the work for 1/3 of the “get lost” price. I talked to everyone in the neighborhood who has used their services. I gave them a scathing local review about lack of proper customer service, nothing wrong with car service in the past. Now he has found me and wants to be my friend on a business social media site. He lost a customer, I lost a mechanic and found a better one for our two cars. Now he is trying to find me through business-related social media. I’m ignoring him.

Oh, I also alerted zoning people about using pricey real estate zoned for an auto shop for a bar. That may have him riled up a bit as well. His rant toward a long-time customer was the first I’ve ever encountered. I lost a mechanic but he may lose his business by how he is overcharging, yelling at, threatening and kicking out female customers. Plus having an after-hours biker bar.

Find your words, ladies. You’ll need them, even if you’re as old as …. Dee

Sick Dog

It makes her human feel sick for her. She got up normal time, regular walk, fine, then went out about six times worse and worse with gastrointestinal issues. The only things different are that my husband is out of town for work, I was gone all afternoon, and the bank, for making me wait an hour, gave me two doggie treats. No, the dog was not at the bank. I said I was glad she was at home and not waiting in the car. After I returned home several errands later I gave the biscuits to her, one before her dinner, one later.

Just like a a baby’s mother, you watch what goes in and what comes out. Then you wonder what went wrong. Zoe was fine the next day, ate and everything and will have a bath tomorrow, it’s on my list.

Parents are thinking about what to give their kids for the holidays, if it is a pup or kitten they need to know what to do. It takes a lot of responsibility. You have to do your research before they do theirs. Please make them do their own research.

There is a question of responsibiliy, and knowledge of the breed of dog or cat and their needs. Also a question of age and are parents going to be responsible when the kiddo goes off to college?

I spent all day with Zoe on Friday and took her out multiple times. My husband is great with her (the Fun Guy) but often says while I’m cooking dinner that she hasn’t “asked” to go out yet. She’s a herder. She has a schedule in her little brain and we know it. I’m glad Zoe is better. She chased a squirrel today, no way she’ll ever catch one but she was fast, on leash. To a best friend, our Zoe. Dee

Missing Her Already

She hasn’t left yet, after nearly two weeks but Ms. L is loved and cherished here and is welcome back as a guest anytime. Any dog who can use her paw or tail to corral the sunshine from her eyes looks good to me.

No, I can’t see her in a Stetson. Too little and bony for the hat. She’s getting along with everyone in the neighborhood except she wants to eat skittish Yorkies and teeny poodles. Luckily she’s on leash. A neighbor was caught downtown today with two dogs, one really old, off-leash and was given a warning.

Her owner and I, she’s a neighbor, met because of the dog and bonded over collars. Martingale collars, no buckle, hand made Asian silk. They each have two. That collar has kept Ms. L from squirrels, Yorkies and miniature Poodles as she is a sighthound and looks for prey.

I can control her in a heartbeat. Walking two dogs, a sight hound and a herder, would be difficult without a leash splitter that the owner holds with one hand and the dogs have to stay on the same side and walk at the same pace.

They’re  couple of pounds from each other even though L is tall and skinny and Zoe has more fat and an undercoat. They’re now separated, which allows me to write this. No roughhousing for 20 minutes!

Zoe is under the bed with the door closed. L is on the sofa sound asleep as well, wiht her tail covering her eyes. It is remarkable how similar they are for different breeds.

My mother-in-law gave us a quilt years ago, all hexagons, 100 years old from a great grandmother. She kept up the pattern until dementia set in, then started using wild colors and patterns. I tell visitors that these strange patterns on the outside (my husband and I) met in the middle and married years ago.

I think that’s what is happening with our “sister” dogs. I will miss her when her Mom comes home. Such a sweet girl. Dee


Tent City

What can I say. Our gorgeous guest for the next few days is young. Our dog is old. L (guest) didn’t like Zoe’s only toy that is indestructable. Well, Zoe’s on her second toy because the rubber just wore out after ten years.

What they decided to do is switch beds. First, L’s mom brought in her bed and favorite towel. Zoe sniffed the bed for five seconds, walked into the middle of it and peed on it. Let’s see whose house this is! Three hours later we had a clean guest dog bed. Zoe’s never done that before and we’ve had many dogs visit and stay with us over the years.

For having the two of them in our bedroom it was a quiet night. I did awaken when L jumped up to the bed and sniffed my face with those little hairs on her nose.

Today our guest found and tried to dominate “Precious.” Neither won and after I put it up high, no one can get it so they decided to sleep. We’ve had glitches with food and the wet bed and cleaning the floor and late-night laundering of said bed but all is well.

Our guest is sleeping by my desk and Zoe is sleeping outside our bedroom. Both have been fed and gone out until “last chance” before our bedtime. Watching them both can be tiring but they’re settling in. Similar instincts of dog but herder vs. sighthound. Zoe may have won sleeping up on our bed last night but L won this afternoon. Nobody wins. Establish the Pack. I was in charge until I left and hit traffic for an hour buying dog food. Then they turned to my husband, then each other.

Friends, they do get along well, like sisters. Yes, sisters can be petty sometimes! You took my bed! You took my toy! Want to fool the humans into taking us out for another walk? YEAH! Dogmatically yours, Dee

Dog Tired

What execatly does that mean? It’s mid-afternoon on a Saturday and my husband came back from an international trip an hour ago. He went right to bed and is snoring away.

Our dog, who prides herself on her beauty sleep at 80 in human years (nary a wrinkle) begged to go to the bedroom and have me “Otis” her up to the bed to hang out and sleep with him. She sleeps at least 20 hours every day, does not have a job outside the home nor one inside it. She doesn’t even do enough to earn an “allowance” what I would call a treat. How can she be so tired?

I’d go bonkers if I slept 20 hours a day, unless I had a really bad 24-48 hour flu. But for over 11 years she’s done it every day, and at 80 she looks better than we do! She doesn’t have to pay bills or worry about a bad boss or co-worker, and thinks she’s got a pretty good deal around here. She does, and when she’s bad my husband says of this herder “we should have adopted the dumb one” and I threaten to take her back to the shelter where we got her, too young, just spayed at five weeks and sick as can be from hookworms and coccidia. Poor girl.

Empty threats. You should see it when she gets up to the stove to steal a croissant and carries it moustache-style by us and our guests at brunch to sneak to her favorite spot to eat it. I couldn’t even discipline her! We were all laughing too hard, wish I’d gotten a photo of that.

Perhaps entertaining us and her dog and people friends make her tired. They shouldn’t, as we spend brief periods of time and she always gets praise and a treat from someone.

Talking about Dog Tired our old buddy Jake the Golden Retriever who died last year, stayed a weekend with us a couple of years ago. He and Zoe played nicely for about four hours then I didn’t hear him for a minute or so, only hard breathing. He’d locked himself in a bathroom to get a break from Zoe. Now I understand dog tired! It’s dogs being tired FROM Zoe! I get it. Dee