I promised it to my husband, as did he to me. When we met my husband’s family shortly before we married his grandmother made me promise to have him get a job for 50 years and a gold watch.

Grandmothers are hard to come by and I didn’t know mine. Before we sealed the deal that I was an honorary “grand” I had to tell her that business does not work that way anymore, especially in software. They may know a gold watch when they see one but there’s no way an employee is going to be there long enough to get one. Do they have a stash of gold watches in a safe somewhere to just toss to clients?

Yes, after all that for 16 years I’ve been an honorary grandkid. I’m glad at least I told her the truth. She is always concerned about her kids, grands, great grands and all. My parents are both gone now. My younger brother is head of the family with my help as his big sister. He was Dad’s best friend forever and has big shoes to fill, it’s up to me to help him fulfill his goals.

People talk about marriage as something to avoid, a commitment one is not willing to make. I gained a huge family of wonderful folks with which to spend my waning years. And a husband who is also my best friend. Note to cheerleaders who called me names, I married a genius and I am a smart person of the literary/psych/soc/arts/music variety with whom he can actually have a conversation. Cheers and remembrance to Bucky Fuller! That would be R Buckminster Fuller to you. Meet great minds and it will spur your own. Dee