Tent City

What can I say. Our gorgeous guest for the next few days is young. Our dog is old. L (guest) didn’t like Zoe’s only toy that is indestructable. Well, Zoe’s on her second toy because the rubber just wore out after ten years.

What they decided to do is switch beds. First, L’s mom brought in her bed and favorite towel. Zoe sniffed the bed for five seconds, walked into the middle of it and peed on it. Let’s see whose house this is! Three hours later we had a clean guest dog bed. Zoe’s never done that before and we’ve had many dogs visit and stay with us over the years.

For having the two of them in our bedroom it was a quiet night. I did awaken when L jumped up to the bed and sniffed my face with those little hairs on her nose.

Today our guest found and tried to dominate “Precious.” Neither won and after I put it up high, no one can get it so they decided to sleep. We’ve had glitches with food and the wet bed and cleaning the floor and late-night laundering of said bed but all is well.

Our guest is sleeping by my desk and Zoe is sleeping outside our bedroom. Both have been fed and gone out until “last chance” before our bedtime. Watching them both can be tiring but they’re settling in. Similar instincts of dog but herder vs. sighthound. Zoe may have won sleeping up on our bed last night but L won this afternoon. Nobody wins. Establish the Pack. I was in charge until I left and hit traffic for an hour buying dog food. Then they turned to my husband, then each other.

Friends, they do get along well, like sisters. Yes, sisters can be petty sometimes! You took my bed! You took my toy! Want to fool the humans into taking us out for another walk? YEAH! Dogmatically yours, Dee


2 responses to “Tent City

  1. Guest L took an interest in a glass-enclosed air plant, I think because the sun was streaming in upon it. She uses her eyes more, Zoe uses her ears. It’s a slight difference but seldom does one get to monitor breed differences this closely.

  2. Our guest displaced our dog from our bed last night and slept spine to spine with me for hours. Zoe went under the bed under my pillow so I couldn’t go anywhere without her. Right now they’re a foot from each other fake-sleeping on on the carpet in the den. There will be silent repercussions to this dissing of our old dog by a young one. Zoe told L to writhe on the carpet upon awakening. When Zoe went to camp, dog camp on a 500 acre farm, they placed her with senior herders. She always came home with another bad habit. Right now she’s teaching them to a pup. Wait til mom comes home!

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