Sick Dog

It makes her human feel sick for her. She got up normal time, regular walk, fine, then went out about six times worse and worse with gastrointestinal issues. The only things different are that my husband is out of town for work, I was gone all afternoon, and the bank, for making me wait an hour, gave me two doggie treats. No, the dog was not at the bank. I said I was glad she was at home and not waiting in the car. After I returned home several errands later I gave the biscuits to her, one before her dinner, one later.

Just like a a baby’s mother, you watch what goes in and what comes out. Then you wonder what went wrong. Zoe was fine the next day, ate and everything and will have a bath tomorrow, it’s on my list.

Parents are thinking about what to give their kids for the holidays, if it is a pup or kitten they need to know what to do. It takes a lot of responsibility. You have to do your research before they do theirs. Please make them do their own research.

There is a question of responsibiliy, and knowledge of the breed of dog or cat and their needs. Also a question of age and are parents going to be responsible when the kiddo goes off to college?

I spent all day with Zoe on Friday and took her out multiple times. My husband is great with her (the Fun Guy) but often says while I’m cooking dinner that she hasn’t “asked” to go out yet. She’s a herder. She has a schedule in her little brain and we know it. I’m glad Zoe is better. She chased a squirrel today, no way she’ll ever catch one but she was fast, on leash. To a best friend, our Zoe. Dee


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