In Sickness and in Health

My dog is fine. She’s having a great time meeting and greeting and even meeting new pups. She’s 80 in people years, kind of reminds me of my Great Aunt O who lived to 100, or 98, or 104, who knows. She would never tell us. Neither did Zoe. I just put her portfolio in front of me and it told me she was just six weeks old when we got her from the shelter. She’s nearly twelve years now, hip-less and happy.

D downstairs is sick. I just made him some herbal tea and gave him Wellness Formula, which has gotten me out of way more than a common cold. Try double pneumonia.

In sickness and in health, I may have promised my husband, returning tomorrow, that years ago. As he did to me. That’s what we do. Healthily and happily, hoping to enjoy my good food…. Dee


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