Missing Her Already

She hasn’t left yet, after nearly two weeks but Ms. L is loved and cherished here and is welcome back as a guest anytime. Any dog who can use her paw or tail to corral the sunshine from her eyes looks good to me.

No, I can’t see her in a Stetson. Too little and bony for the hat. She’s getting along with everyone in the neighborhood except she wants to eat skittish Yorkies and teeny poodles. Luckily she’s on leash. A neighbor was caught downtown today with two dogs, one really old, off-leash and was given a warning.

Her owner and I, she’s a neighbor, met because of the dog and bonded over collars. Martingale collars, no buckle, hand made Asian silk. They each have two. That collar has kept Ms. L from squirrels, Yorkies and miniature Poodles as she is a sighthound and looks for prey.

I can control her in a heartbeat. Walking two dogs, a sight hound and a herder, would be difficult without a leash splitter that the owner holds with one hand and the dogs have to stay on the same side and walk at the same pace.

They’re  couple of pounds from each other even though L is tall and skinny and Zoe has more fat and an undercoat. They’re now separated, which allows me to write this. No roughhousing for 20 minutes!

Zoe is under the bed with the door closed. L is on the sofa sound asleep as well, wiht her tail covering her eyes. It is remarkable how similar they are for different breeds.

My mother-in-law gave us a quilt years ago, all hexagons, 100 years old from a great grandmother. She kept up the pattern until dementia set in, then started using wild colors and patterns. I tell visitors that these strange patterns on the outside (my husband and I) met in the middle and married years ago.

I think that’s what is happening with our “sister” dogs. I will miss her when her Mom comes home. Such a sweet girl. Dee



One response to “Missing Her Already

  1. Ms. L was ill today. Nothing changed in dinner or schedule, I just think she knows Mom’s coming home and is over-excited. I took her out alone and she’s now sleeping soundly.

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