Big Dog Bowls and Absent-Minded Professors

A few weeks ago I ordered dog bowls for Zoe. They turned out to be cat-sized bowls and the company didn’t even want them back. I gave them to a friend.

There are always new worlds out there. Zoe’s first adult collar broke after ten years. Now, her first puppy dish set has rusted throughout after nearly 12 years. I’m now using handmade silk Martingale collars with a leather leash. They give her comfort and me control and there’s really nothing to break as she won’t be with us another 15-20 years.

Yes, we like to keep them pups. Her new bowls are larger (former are saved, stainless, and in the car for trips). It has a stand for water and food. She’ll be 12 in late January and deserved an alternative to the rusty bowl holder, and to have something a few inches up so that as she ages, she doesn’t have to bend down so much for her food. That’s what dog mom’s do.


The absent-minded professor has been away for most of two years for work. He borrowed my car yesterday evening for a business meeting. We pay for designated parking spaces. He left home for two hours, returned at 8 p.m.

This morning I got a call. He parked in someone else’s spot. Similar space, wrong floor. So if you remember the old game Clue, the parking space stealer was the absent-minded professor, the crime was done in the garage with the wife’s car keys.

And I hit a pole trying to get out of this space that can probably hold a Mini-Cooper, not a mid-sized SUV. Hurt my bumper, just a scratch to remember this mishap. No, my husband does not drink. Only Dr. Pepper. He was just thinking of other things. That’s what he does when life is bothering him. I’d rather he think things through in the shower than in our garage. With my car, the only car our dog Zoe is allowed to be in with her orthopedic bed and cargo net.

I did send a “sorry” note through channels to whomever owns that space, as parking is precious here. I sent it on a card I bought in Florence, Florentine paper and envelope. Hope that’s enough. He made a mistake. Others have taken our parking spots in the past and that was malice, not error.

Cheerily? Dee


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