Playtime/Bedtime for Bonzo

You may not remember Bedtime for Bonzo, I’ve never seen it either but it was actor/president Ronald Reagan’s most famous B-movie.

Every once in a while I say “bedtime for bonzo” when it’s time for Zoe to lead me to bed. She always does. At night Zoe the dog needs her beauty sleep so she can be a neighborhood mascot during the day. No, I don’t give her cucumber slices for her eyes.

Our canine friend L is coming over to spend a few days with us. They get along, have similar schedules and chase a bit but normally just steal a toy and play keep-away until they tire.

I believe it is healthy for old dogs like Zoe and younger ones to spend time together, as long as Zoe doesn’t teach her too many bad habits! Arf! Dee


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