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Strange Dream

Yesterday I was awake from 4 a.m. to nearly 11 p.m. The dog was sick (for whatever reason, it only happens once a year) and I gave her two baths, once a rinse then a bath. Laundry ensues, of course.

Today I had a nightmare about taking her out, calling out for my husband (who is out of town). Anyway, I awakened mid-dream not knowing where I was, what time it was and where is my husband? And where’s our dog?

UBD. That’s code for Under-Bed Dog. She now goes underneath the bed by my pillow to get out of the sun and get her beauty sleep while making sure I can’t leave the house without her knowledge. Yes, she is a herder.

I was so worried about her yesterday as she felt bad. She got no dinner so her tummy would resolve itself. Zoe scarfed down a dog food breakfast this morning and is sleeping on the carpet next to my desk.

Zoe is a good thing in our lives. She’s spoiled rotten but won’t sit on a lap or be petted. She just wants what my English teacher Aunt always said, being “by.” She needs to know where we (especially me the food wench) are without being near enough to touch us. I don’t know if I could ever have a “lap dog” after this. My first dog was 89 lbs. when she died. She was not a lap dog or a herder, she retrieved stuffed toys and balls, knew the sound of guests’ cars and would search her toy basket frantically for the right stuffed animal with which to greet the guest.

Will it be Clifford the Big Red Dog? Or a tiger or kitty or lobster. She never left the house without a ball, but one day she brought a huge teddy bear (flea market sale, fifty cents) to to the park. She was saying goodbye without my knowledge, and she died the next day. That bear is in my closet with her ashes in it under a red felt heart with lace and beading from a dear friend. Zoe crushes stuffed animals, tears them apart in a minute and gets the squeaker out. The stuffing is all over the place, of course. For 12 years she’s had an indestructible “precious.”

Chani was a challenge at first because she was abused but in the end everyone loved her. No dog would ever have Zoe’s unique, friendly personality. Even though we’ve had 12 years with her when she does something bad I always say “we’re going to bring you back to the pound” and I never mean it and she knows that. Yes, she’s stolen a pound of prime steak off the cutting board on the counter, and croissants from the top of the stove.

Guess what? I laughed, as we had to have her hips removed due to severe hip dysplasia and she grew her own. Two years later she could reach the counter and stove and steal our food. Now she’s over 12 years old and I have to “Otis” her to the bed at night. She can walk a good while but her front end is much stronger than the back. I’ve had a good life, great husband and over the years we still have Zoe but I had Chani, Nathan and Mickey (cats) and I like to think we all made each others’ lives better.

That was before Mick learned from my sister’s cat how to open and slam the kitchen cabinet 400 times to get me to make him breakfast in the middle of the night, or Nate sat his 14 lbs. directly on my bladder to make me go downstairs and feed him. Ah, well, it’s been a wonderful life. Dee

ps People we know want to get a dog. I think they lead great lives with long days and great profiles and potential. They didn’t ask about breed, I did. Then they asked me to pet-sit on a regular basis. That’s not a good sign. At a seminar years ago a new dog owner asked why his dog didn’t like him when he “only” put him in a crate for 12 hours straight per day. The trainer said “you don’t deserve a dog.” In another case he also said, famously, “a back yard dog is a dog without a home.”



She Sleeps

I mustn’t be away for more than a few moments. I love the fact that my husband and dog can go to sleep in less than two moments and go through the night and I cannot do so. If I leave dog Zoe for more than five minutes she’ll come to check on me and I don’t want to have to lift her up to the bed again.

Perhaps I’ve the herding job now, making sure they’re safe from the wolves and coyotes and wild pigs. Yes, in a high-story building with no open windows and no way to get up here. But they’re there on the ranch. All of them. Zoe is on a close leash all the time there. After years we’ve never had a problem, even with bulls or baby goats.

Husband will be home late tomorrow for a partial weekend with us but it’ll be business most of the time. No time to make Texas chili. I know what he wants, my spaghetti and meatballs but he ate that last weekend. I would love to make him something he loved from my childhood that I haven’t cooked for him for years. Perhaps that is for tomorrow. Tonight I’ve skirt steak with loaded baked potatoes and green beans. He’ll be in in a little over an hour. I have to work on his time, not mine. He’ll be fine. I’m hungry and will save the next for tomorrow.

I made up the recipe from my mom and will let you know if it works. She used to use canned orange juice. I start with the chicken floured with spices, a whole chicken or whatever you want to use, saute and remove. Add onion and garlic, you can make it spicy. Start off some rice. After the rice is nearly done add chicken and orange juice to the pan halfway in, or just place it it in the oven and marry the flavors the last ten minutes.

We never did orange zest because mom used frozen OJ but with all of these products, my butchers, my produce and deli folks give me ideas and I bring a taste test to them. Yes, I bring food into the grocery store to share with our purveyors.

Zoe’s not by my desk yet, yes she’s back sleeping soundly as I wish I could. Now she’s here, two feet away I must go. Cheers! Dee


Dog Tired

What execatly does that mean? It’s mid-afternoon on a Saturday and my husband came back from an international trip an hour ago. He went right to bed and is snoring away.

Our dog, who prides herself on her beauty sleep at 80 in human years (nary a wrinkle) begged to go to the bedroom and have me “Otis” her up to the bed to hang out and sleep with him. She sleeps at least 20 hours every day, does not have a job outside the home nor one inside it. She doesn’t even do enough to earn an “allowance” what I would call a treat. How can she be so tired?

I’d go bonkers if I slept 20 hours a day, unless I had a really bad 24-48 hour flu. But for over 11 years she’s done it every day, and at 80 she looks better than we do! She doesn’t have to pay bills or worry about a bad boss or co-worker, and thinks she’s got a pretty good deal around here. She does, and when she’s bad my husband says of this herder “we should have adopted the dumb one” and I threaten to take her back to the shelter where we got her, too young, just spayed at five weeks and sick as can be from hookworms and coccidia. Poor girl.

Empty threats. You should see it when she gets up to the stove to steal a croissant and carries it moustache-style by us and our guests at brunch to sneak to her favorite spot to eat it. I couldn’t even discipline her! We were all laughing too hard, wish I’d gotten a photo of that.

Perhaps entertaining us and her dog and people friends make her tired. They shouldn’t, as we spend brief periods of time and she always gets praise and a treat from someone.

Talking about Dog Tired our old buddy Jake the Golden Retriever who died last year, stayed a weekend with us a couple of years ago. He and Zoe played nicely for about four hours then I didn’t hear him for a minute or so, only hard breathing. He’d locked himself in a bathroom to get a break from Zoe. Now I understand dog tired! It’s dogs being tired FROM Zoe! I get it. Dee

Wants and Needs

I want my husband to return home, and our dog to sleep past 5:00 in the morning. I want to wear my Nadia croc boots to deal with melting snow and ice and the correct jacket for the weather when we go out for our first and second morning walks.

I need for my husband and Zoe’s (the dog) “dad” to come home so she keeps from stalking me and protecting me every moment of every day he’s away.Also a few hours to make chile to have with our former neighbors or give them some to go home with after a water leak has kept them from their home for several days.

Safe journey, my dear. The little one is still getting her beauty sleep and it’s about time I re-joined her for mine. With love, Dee