It has never been a great strength of mine.  Waiting for a younger brother and sister to arrive (the one nearest to me in age I never had a clue as I was too young). When she did come home and got all the attention I did pack a bag and go out the front door.  Waiting for the Paris police and Embassy to find out who stole my wallet and passport for the entire two days my brother and I were there. Of course that never happened.

I have lent people books that have never been returned, given food where the dish or fork is never returned. I do not lend my cookbooks anymore but do give some to the book box up the street that has an exchange system, as in European pensions.

With the sister issue, Dad stopped me and said goodbye and asked me where I was going. I was only about two years old and I said I was going to get my own. Now I’m in my 50’s and have a husband and an old dog.

I waited for that, to get to college early, jobs and finally a family. My husband is usually away on business so I, and Zoe, await his return home the end of a week or two.

When we moved in I gave him the best spot in the room. Well, the only one with the best view and where I could place his nightstand, made by his great-grandfather, behind a huge structural post before the movers had (per our instruction) our bed and his great-grandpa’s nightstands out of the truck and bed frame for us to put together with tool boxes that were also at the back of the truck.

The first rule of moving is have your bed, tools, mattresses, pillows and sheets at the back of the truck. Also include toilet paper as you’ll have been on the road all day and drinking soda to keep you awake. I would keep TP in the car to unload first.

Make the bed frame without movers as they don’t care, then the bed when mattresses arrive next with clean sheets and pillowcases. That way, later that night when you’re about to collapse from the drive and move and unpacking boxes you can just take out the dog, lift her up to the bed and crash. I’ve more to offer on packing strategies and less expensive move plans. No. I don’t work or gain monetary incentives from anywhere. It’s just us and experience. I believe I’ve moved at least 30 times in my life.

Must thank Dad for those experiences, God Bless and Rest in Peace, dear Dad. Cheers, Dee