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Going Postal

The regular guy delivered the mail today. My old dog was abused by a Deputy Sheriff and did not trust anyone in uniform, even just a baseball cap, for a year. Over ten years out of the shelter she learned to love uniforms, caps, even kids.

My new pup, age 11, looks for postal uniforms, that shade of blue trouser with the stripe. She loves these guys and gals and they don’t even give her treats. Her favorite, Lynn, was here covering for our regular who was on vacation.

She ran up to him today, I told him what this old girl looks for and it’s blue pants and a stripe. I told him she’ll never bite the mailman! He thanked me and patted her head. That’s all she needed, well, there was the mail. Cheers! Dee


Wonder of Wonders

Miracle of miracles….. Talking with MIL M the other day I heard wind in the background but she’s already planted in Texas, it was warm and she was picking asparagus for dinner that comes up every year. We’re not so lucky, yet.

Today I didn’t take my car out. I walked to the store, dressed too warmly (I checked the weather a few moments before when I took Zoe out and changed jackets, an unwise move).

Just in case my husband does arrive hungry tomorrow night for the weekend I plan to make pizza dough and was getting the fixings while talking to this guy at the deli counter about different doughs we’ve made over the years. Interesting stuff, I know. Then I hear a woman’s voice asking how Zoe is doing. I looked over and it was our former USPS mail carrier, L. She said one of the gals said that Zoe says hello. She’s still around the neighborhood but not at our place. Because of L, Zoe goes up to everyone in blue pants with a dark stripe! Anyone who says dogs are color blind needs to have their eyes examined.

Funny and sad. My old dog Chani was abused by a deputy sheriff and left at a shelter to rot for a year. I spent time every week with her and when her health declined and she was becoming a danger to herself and others I took her home, rehabilitated her and we spent ten years together. She was afraid of any kind of uniform or hat for a while but got over it and her fear of the kids who used to throw sticks and rocks at her as a pup such that all the kids in the tot lot called out her name when we entered our park. And their moms let them pet her. Now Zoe seeks out people in uniform, something we should all do to thank our service personnel here and abroad.


I think my dinner party has blown up. No worries, it was supposed to be a cooking lesson and dinner. I’ll find out what’s happening tomorrow and will go ahead with the dinner anyway. I can always freeze cooked foods and give some away.


Did I write about diet trifle? I never said that, I’ll be taken out back by British chefs and flogged. Shhhh, not a word. I’m trying an experiment. Some folks around here are refusing dessert. I have an experiment. I usually make a multi-berry trifle with lemon curd with pound cake and whipped cream. Tomorrow I’m going to try angel food cake with nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt and berries. I’m not letting go of the lemon curd, though. Perhaps I can add lemon zest and juice as well. It’s a somewhat healthy alternative. I’ll let you know how it goes. Oh, I didn’t make the cake or the curd or the yogurt. I didn’t grow the berries because it’s still too cold here.


On my walk to the grocery store I saw a few tulips, hyacinths, and hints of buds on hedges. Also squirrels and another animal I saw for a fraction of a second and can’t identify. There were loads of birds and I was able to pick out a few male robins. No cardinals since a couple of months ago. The trees are still bare and I have to look at the lake and the flag, at half mast once again, to find out where the wind is coming from (that determines clothing and where to walk the dog).


My husband says fall is his favorite season. I think spring is mine, when everything comes to life and one can stop making winter stews and make ratatouille or chilled cucumber/yogurt soup. And eat a peach or a cantaloupe or a pint of cherries that taste as they should. Farmers’ markets will open. We’ll see watercraft on the lake. I can clean all the winter gear and wear a light jacket in the evening, or a pashmina shawl. I do love the colors of fall, though, especially in the Adirondacks.


It’s chicken wings tonight with a homemade Asian marinade/glaze. I’ve heirloom carrots in all colors and will roast them and make some sort of potato. Now I have to make lists. I don’t want my husband and me to spend the one day he has at home doing errands. Cheers and have a great weekend! Dee

Service, USPS Style

Let’s put it this way. Their www site doesn’t help with anything. I’ve been scammed by an Amazon seller who lied to Amazon that my purchase price has been sent back to us. I’ve been trying to get in touch for mail fraud but no one will answer the phone.

I’ve had to plug in my phone and headset because they were both dying on the wait for USPS to answer the phone. I am calling because their priority mail process failed. I couldn’t print the label except a 1/2 inch sliver of it. I’m not going to keep paying $11.30 every time I try to print out a darn label for a little package for family.

The fraud deals with a seller taking my money for a book, calling USPS and getting a tracking number, and never taking it to his/her local post office. It’s been supposedly sitting there since December 23. Amazon never showed it in transit. I am not allowed to download USPS tracking software because my computer is manufactured by Apple.

The seller says he/she refunded my account. Nothing shows two months back. I think they trick USPS, Amazon and cheat customers by phoning in and getting tracking numbers prior to USPS receiving the items for shipping. Then customers get upset with USPS or Amazon and forget that the seller cheated them in the first place.

Watch your online purchases. Neither Amazon nor USPS will help me (it’s been about five hours over the last few days with USPS, luckily I can write as I listen to their drivel on hold) and all Amazon says is that the purchase price from the seller for this out-of-print book has been refunded. It has not. Dee



Or, why is the post office pretending to be a private company when they keep coming back to taxpayers for more money, as in rising prices of stamps, when they’re clearly obsolete. Except for my Aunt, who will not email or read or write anything on a computer.

What’s interesting about that is that she had the first-ever electric portable typewriter, a Smith-Corona 1957, that she got to go to college. I know because she gave it to me for high school graduation and I’ve lugged it around the country ever since. She was a technological whiz back then, and pre-computer I was the darling of the dorms, lending it out to other gals after I was finished writing my papers. Oh, I also wrote better papers because of my Aunt and J, because they were English teachers!

I write this because my Aunt and J sent me a book the other day, about a house on the grounds of a hallowed institution where my family lived and worked. One of my tasks was to put up our guests, lecturers and performers, at this house, and one woman managed it for many years.

This house was always an issue for me, and so was the caretaker, but I really respected her and we’d have a tiff then reconcile. She is gone now but her daughter has written a book about her time at the Wensley House.

A thank-you note I wrote decades ago is in it so my Aunt and J bought it, and had the author sign it to me. Apparently I was identified as my father’s wife, instead of eldest daughter. That was what the inscription was about.

Yesterday I received an open package from the USPS with nothing in it but a cardboard sleeve. Leave it to Government to take something personal, an inscribed book with my name published in it, and make it into a regulatory nightmare.

If it’s a photo it will be destroyed for security reasons. If it is merchandise under $25 it will be destroyed. Maybe in the next few months this book will find its way to the Distribution Center where it will meet 54 million friends who’ve lost their way due to USPS error.

Then, months later, I might receive it in the mail. But only after I fill out and mail back a form from USPS to and from in regular mail. I’m supposed to take a picture of the merchandise that I never received. And the $25 rule is a given, if it says $24.99 on the back of the book, it will be destroyed.

How about a recap? Family bought me a book and cared enough to have it signed by the author. They spent $2.96 to send it by our US Postal Service (.com) and they lost it. Now if it’s not worth $25 to them, they’ll destroy it or wait 3-4 months to find it and send it back to me.

The gifter’s USPS guy is great and so is Rick, who I talked with at our end. But this is ridiculous. Any business worth its salt would be finding the lost item and getting it to me. Not the Federal Government. They hem and haw about what it’s worth and all these rules and forms. Out in the real world, you get the job done, or apologize and make things right. No way that’s gonna happen.

I pay all my bills online and send email, blog and four times a year I check into Facebook. Ever wonder why usps.COM is underwater? Dee


Today I had a surprise phone screen for a coveted volunteer position. The interviewer said my spelling was spot-on (thanks retired English teacher Auntie L) and he loved my job description: Feminist Homemaker.

Yesterday I received a thank-you note from a young cousin who recently married. It was a gorgeous card with a dark brown envelope and gold lettering. The cardstock note and her words were very kind and well-written.

My mother-in-law went to that wedding for all of us and was introduced to a new culture and new foods, mussels being among them.  She gets her mail at the house and I only go weekly but she said her niece was a wonderful writer.  Then she got back to me and apologized saying I was a good writer as well.

I said there was no reason to apologize. A good writer is what he/she is, and for a younger gal to take pen to paper and write a beautiful letter is not only a gift these days, it’s a miracle! So Auntie L wants us all to brush up on our spelling and letter-writing.  Oh, if you want to get a stamp don’t stand in line at the post office. They’re increasing the price of stamps again because of their chronic inefficiency and nastiness and lines.

Plus telling a new neighbor of less than 24 hours to produce a utility bill for proof of residency, or no mail box. Yeah, I went to UPS where my passport and drivers’ license were enough. It should send a signal to residents that the USPS will not deliver mail to you. You have to rent a box somewhere. So we do. But not from the government. This “service” deserves to fail due to mismanagement and arrogance, plus postal workers tend to “go postal” sometimes.

In the meantime keep up your spelling and always remember to write a thank-you note. Dee

Go to your local UPS store and you’ll pay a couple of cents more but they’re nice and there are no long lines.