Service, USPS Style

Let’s put it this way. Their www site doesn’t help with anything. I’ve been scammed by an Amazon seller who lied to Amazon that my purchase price has been sent back to us. I’ve been trying to get in touch for mail fraud but no one will answer the phone.

I’ve had to plug in my phone and headset because they were both dying on the wait for USPS to answer the phone. I am calling because their priority mail process failed. I couldn’t print the label except a 1/2 inch sliver of it. I’m not going to keep paying $11.30 every time I try to print out a darn label for a little package for family.

The fraud deals with a seller taking my money for a book, calling USPS and getting a tracking number, and never taking it to his/her local post office. It’s been supposedly sitting there since December 23. Amazon never showed it in transit. I am not allowed to download USPS tracking software because my computer is manufactured by Apple.

The seller says he/she refunded my account. Nothing shows two months back. I think they trick USPS, Amazon and cheat customers by phoning in and getting tracking numbers prior to USPS receiving the items for shipping. Then customers get upset with USPS or Amazon and forget that the seller cheated them in the first place.

Watch your online purchases. Neither Amazon nor USPS will help me (it’s been about five hours over the last few days with USPS, luckily I can write as I listen to their drivel on hold) and all Amazon says is that the purchase price from the seller for this out-of-print book has been refunded. It has not. Dee



3 responses to “Service, USPS Style

  1. Can you believe the postal “service” will not give me the address of the local Postmaster General to send a note?

  2. Did you use a credit card for this purchase? If yes, you can dispute the charge and have your card company make a charge-back.

    • I’m working on it. I did receive a check from the seller for the purchase price and will see if it clears so did not send the letter, but still have it. I still think I caught him and he’s reimbursing me to make things right so I don’t roil the waters. The entire exchange was just too weird and it’s been nearly two months now.
      This week I tried to send a package and they gave me a tracking number and priority mail wouldn’t print a label I paid $11.30 for so I’ve a number and no package. Similar as to what he did, except I paid in advance and it’s a gift for family.

      AT&T. Just like USPS doesn’t allow access to addresses, AT&T, with whom I’ve been a loyal customer for many years, does not provide phone numbers! We pay these people to meet our needs as consumers who pay dearly for their services. When I go to the grocery store and buy beets, I exchange money for product. That is what I expect of other providers. Is that really too much to ask?

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