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Today I had a surprise phone screen for a coveted volunteer position. The interviewer said my spelling was spot-on (thanks retired English teacher Auntie L) and he loved my job description: Feminist Homemaker.

Yesterday I received a thank-you note from a young cousin who recently married. It was a gorgeous card with a dark brown envelope and gold lettering. The cardstock note and her words were very kind and well-written.

My mother-in-law went to that wedding for all of us and was introduced to a new culture and new foods, mussels being among them.  She gets her mail at the house and I only go weekly but she said her niece was a wonderful writer.  Then she got back to me and apologized saying I was a good writer as well.

I said there was no reason to apologize. A good writer is what he/she is, and for a younger gal to take pen to paper and write a beautiful letter is not only a gift these days, it’s a miracle! So Auntie L wants us all to brush up on our spelling and letter-writing.  Oh, if you want to get a stamp don’t stand in line at the post office. They’re increasing the price of stamps again because of their chronic inefficiency and nastiness and lines.

Plus telling a new neighbor of less than 24 hours to produce a utility bill for proof of residency, or no mail box. Yeah, I went to UPS where my passport and drivers’ license were enough. It should send a signal to residents that the USPS will not deliver mail to you. You have to rent a box somewhere. So we do. But not from the government. This “service” deserves to fail due to mismanagement and arrogance, plus postal workers tend to “go postal” sometimes.

In the meantime keep up your spelling and always remember to write a thank-you note. Dee

Go to your local UPS store and you’ll pay a couple of cents more but they’re nice and there are no long lines.