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Making Hay

This past weekend my husband and I began watching the new Netflix series, The Crown, about Elizabeth II.

He was interested and enjoyed it. After one episode, he mentioned an error. The royal stables were shown and in them there were large hay bales.

He said that first, small bales are usually used for horses, also that in the 1930’s they wouldn’t have used large bales. Why? Because to move a large bale one needs a front-end loader and they weren’t invented yet.

I believe him. His father has had a dairy for many years, and for the past decade or so a cattle ranch. He grows and cuts his own hay and prefers round bales. Whenever we visit I see him go out with the front-end loader with a round bale (when they’re wrapped in white plastic for outdoor storage they’re called marshmallows). That is something I would not have known.

For pointing out the film’s error, I congratulated him on having a good eye. I look at the film and evolving characters and how they dress according to maturity and status. One thing that’s bugging me is that ER wears one, two or three strands of pearls. Why? I only have one strand. Is there a significance to this?

Hay bales are one benefit of being married to a rancher’s son. Oh, he used to ride a cow, as a child, named Free. He has fond memories of that. He doesn’t have fond memories of playing in the hay barn (I love that hay barn) because owls in the rafters, and their owlets, would attack and poop on their heads! Cheers! Dee


Mind of a Chef

Thank you, Chef Bourdain, for bringing this to us on Netflix. The series? I am eating it up with all the great chefs and learning cuisines from the Southern US, London, Vietnam, Thailand, everywhere around the world. And I love April Bloomfield.

Tony Bourdain, you’re now building up, not tearing down. That’s a good thing and may have something to do with having a family. That said, one tearing down piece you wrote nearly made me fall off my chair laughing, the ‘Bo Room back in the day.

I just looked up Rock Center. Forty restaurants? It’s a food court with a few good restaurants and chefs. I read your first book and sent it to my brother who started as a busboy a week before Christmas at a private club in LA in the 80’s and Richard Nixon gave him a $200 tip.  He would have stories, too, but is involved in the arts and other adventures.

Thank you for the Mind of a Chef adventure. Cheers! Dee


Chef’s Table

Haiku ode to Dan Barber;

On a farm we grow

Our soil, fresh fruit and veg, meats

All come from our land

Dear Chef,

Not a great Haiku but I did love your segment on Chef’s Table. Your approach is mine, though I went to cooking school I only cook for my husband and guests these days. Perhaps someday I could sit at a table at which you allow us to dine.

Forward and into our history, you go. I love your brain. Readers, if you’ve Netflix you can see this. It’s extraordinary for any foodie. Cheers and good eating, Dee

The Movie Pact

Our first date, in 2001, was at the movies, big screen and reclining seats, and then a Mexican dinner. We saw Anthony Hopkins in Hearts in Atlantis.

Years after marriage, we know several things. I love Star Wars, IV and VI especially, not the prequels. He is joyful to find me up on a Star Wars marathon and goes back to sleep knowing every detail that was changed from the original version.

It’s usually tit for tat. I get one, he gets one. Normally we agree but Netflix and Amazon Prime have thrown us for a loop. We live in the city and have two small cinemas close by. All the megaplexes are in the suburbs.

I think our paid channels should at least make us walk around the block before viewing. We always went to a movie every weekend afternoon and now we don’t.

Here’s the deal. My husband is always paying me back for giving in to a colleague and making me see “The Ring.” So he’s seen Memoirs of a Geisha twice, once with me, and once with a former friend.

Let’s just say it’s spy/intrigue/cops vs the Brontes and Jane Austen. And I love my spy novels. Horror films are off the charts. Nightmares ensue, The Ring.

When we disagree, seldom, I get one movie and he gets one movie. When in LA we stayed up ’til midnight to see the opening of Harry Potter without kids. Did you say movie buffs? Happy viewing, Dee


As the wind swirls and screeches around us and the snow blurs the streets, I think that Sunday is the Academy Awards. I always love watching them, especially having girlfriends over beforehand for a cocktail before dinner while dissing the entire red carpet. Of course we are watching it, duh.

Looking at a ballot, I’m thinking “why don’t I know any of these movies?” The answer is that we spent time moving and have not seen a movie in the past year. There, it’s said. We’re movie buffs. We usually go to the movies nearly every weekend.

What has changed? Weather? New environment. Summer movies, we generally avoid the Bruckheimer Blockbuster. Living downtown where there are smaller venues and having to go out to the suburbs to see something new.

Hey, I can go see Rocky Horror Picture Show up the street, I just don’t stay up that late anymore.

The Oscars will be interesting to me because they may give insight into what films to see on Netflix or Amazon Prime next year. Aye, there’s the rub. No, we don’t have a 60″ flat screen projection HD thingie. You go, Hugh Jackman! Dee