Making Hay

This past weekend my husband and I began watching the new Netflix series, The Crown, about Elizabeth II.

He was interested and enjoyed it. After one episode, he mentioned an error. The royal stables were shown and in them there were large hay bales.

He said that first, small bales are usually used for horses, also that in the 1930’s they wouldn’t have used large bales. Why? Because to move a large bale one needs a front-end loader and they weren’t invented yet.

I believe him. His father has had a dairy for many years, and for the past decade or so a cattle ranch. He grows and cuts his own hay and prefers round bales. Whenever we visit I see him go out with the front-end loader with a round bale (when they’re wrapped in white plastic for outdoor storage they’re called marshmallows). That is something I would not have known.

For pointing out the film’s error, I congratulated him on having a good eye. I look at the film and evolving characters and how they dress according to maturity and status. One thing that’s bugging me is that ER wears one, two or three strands of pearls. Why? I only have one strand. Is there a significance to this?

Hay bales are one benefit of being married to a rancher’s son. Oh, he used to ride a cow, as a child, named Free. He has fond memories of that. He doesn’t have fond memories of playing in the hay barn (I love that hay barn) because owls in the rafters, and their owlets, would attack and poop on their heads! Cheers! Dee


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