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Mind of a Chef

Thank you, Chef Bourdain, for bringing this to us on Netflix. The series? I am eating it up with all the great chefs and learning cuisines from the Southern US, London, Vietnam, Thailand, everywhere around the world. And I love April Bloomfield.

Tony Bourdain, you’re now building up, not tearing down. That’s a good thing and may have something to do with having a family. That said, one tearing down piece you wrote nearly made me fall off my chair laughing, the ‘Bo Room back in the day.

I just looked up Rock Center. Forty restaurants? It’s a food court with a few good restaurants and chefs. I read your first book and sent it to my brother who started as a busboy a week before Christmas at a private club in LA in the 80’s and Richard Nixon gave him a $200 tip. ┬áHe would have stories, too, but is involved in the arts and other adventures.

Thank you for the Mind of a Chef adventure. Cheers! Dee



Bourdain, The Writer

I like that he writes as he speaks, that is he needs to be censored every few words. I’ve motored through all but 5% of Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw today, taking a vacation from a vacation before everything gets back to normal on Monday.

The book is written in his inimitably, “no one is as cool as me” style which wears thin, as he admits, when he dances at a class with his young child. A lot is reminiscent of Kitchen Confidential so he may want to go on to murder mysteries from whence the writing bug started.

The star of the show, so far, in my estimation is the “book review” of Old Yeller. If I had the guts to write that in my third grade book report the principal would’ve expelled me, but I’d have been happy. Why kill the dog? What do you mean rabies isn’t curable??? Besides, I didn’t know any of those curse words yet so my literary repertoire was limited.

Tony, your error may have been in not reading more of those epic tragedies, as my favorite books at age eight were Death Be Not Proud and The Diary of Anne Frank. And I never skipped a day of school in my life. That’s why in your estimation, I can be a dedicated and loving home cook but never a line cook or chef. Though I did attend school and apprentice but that was years ago.

Though the terms are crude, there’s much in this book to enjoy from most lusted-after foods to chef and road stories. The most educational chapter is about whether/why go to cooking school. It is a primer every potential new cook or career-changer should read. Cheers, Dee