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…Send me a postcard, drop me a line

Stating point of view

Indicate precisely what you mean to say

Yours sincerely, wasting away

Give me your answer, fill in a form

Mine for ever more

Will you still need me, will you still feed me

When I’m sixty-four

(The Beatles)

Guess what this year was? Yes, my 64th birthday. I’m already not supposed to collect Social Security until sometime between age 66 and 67. Medicare has been a big question, but now both are even bigger.

See, the Chaos Caucus of the United States House of Representatives wants to eliminate the two programs I’ve spent money funding my entire life. And if they can’t do it by holding the budget and debt limits hostage, they’ll eliminate the IRS and its payroll deductions, and fund what is left of the government they haven’t decimated by a consumption tax.

I’ve worked for state government, the legislature to be exact, and I believe in a moderate government that does what cannot be done otherwise and pretty much leaves people alone to pursue their own lives as long as they don’t endanger others.

When kids are going hungry because their parents can’t afford to send them to school with a lunch, government should step in. Ditto when old people expect some money to live on and protect their health without dying in the poor house. Oh, I forgot, we don’t have poorhouses, that would be a social safety net like requiring business to offer paid parental leave.

I mistrust politicians by nature, ditto lawyers. With regulations and transparency, we, the people can endeavor to keep them honest and on track with what we’ve hired them to do. for us. What we voted for them to do, as our representatives.

All this to say I don’t give a whit about Hunter Biden’s laptop. As a voter, I embrace voting rights and the ability to force legislatures to do the people’s business by referendum if they won’t do what they say they’d do. I don’t know what “owning the libs” means in terms of constituent services. And I truly don’t understand why likes on social media make politicians money when they’re not doing anything to keep the lights on back home.

As far as I see it, old people who care about our future and that of our children must be educated about what our representatives do, hold them accountable, and vote them out if they lie to us or pull a bait and switch. If they tell me they care about health care, inflation and crime, do something about it. Don’t spend my money investigating investigators. Do something real, care about your constituents. If you do that one thing, you won’t have time for all this folderol. Vote! Dee


There’s No U.S. Without US

On this President’s Day, let us remember We The People, all of us in this grand democratic experiment. It’s breaking before our eyes. I don’t want to go back to the fifties or beyond, but want a United States of now, and prepared for a bright future.

First, we must make it easy to register to vote, to cast a ballot, and to know that each and every vote will be counted. That is in jeopardy, and with it our democracy.

We can, and must, do better to save it. Your fellow American, Dee

Critical Thought

Permit me to take a few moments to burst a few bubbles. This summer it appears that a significant number of elected leaders have initiated full-scale scale campaigns to frighten Americans about three things. Two are indicative of serious problems. One is just instilling fear to lose fewer future votes.

Let’s get to the non-issue first. As I know it, and I am no scholar and I’m not African American, critical race theory is a theory that’s been around for half a century that is taught as an elective in several law schools. Yet we’ve parents yelling at school board meetings, all riled up by right-wing media that we’re teaching hate in elementary and high schools. This is not the case, at all.

Why did the right bring up critical race theory now? Let’s think about that. For the past 18 months I’ve been terrified of contracting COVID-19 and we’ve had little outside income aside from the federal government. The nation’s kids have been out of school, learning from home via Zoom. Their teachers have been trying to adapt to this new environment to best serve the educational needs of their students. It’s easier to teach in front of 30 live kids than thirty icons on a computer screen. How else would you know that John is asleep in class or that Tess and Millie are texting each other again, right in front of you.

Two years ago was there a massive push to educate teachers on the nature of critical race theory and how to teach it in an inappropriate setting such as primary and secondary schools? Or whether any fruits of such theory can be passed along in such a format? NO. I imagine that for the past 18 months teachers have been mostly concerned with getting COVID and teaching their students remotely. Have schools rushed to implement CRT into their curricula? NO. Right now our kids are enjoying their friends for the first time and preparing to go back to the classroom for the first time this fall. Critical race theory is not an issue, period.

Let’s get to the important ones. After a lifetime of voting, I’ve always marveled that voter fraud is minuscule. Now, after a presidental election that was won by 7 million votes, we’re expected to think that our system failed on a massive scale. Fifty states and over sixty courts, including our Supreme Court deny that such fraud ever existed in the 2020 Presidential election, plus our then Attorney General and the head of our nation’s cybersecurity oversight agency.

Yet all the people who were elected or re-elected last November were elected without any voter fraud. Only the presidency was compromised? Just think about that for a minute. Some people who voted for Biden voted down-ballot for Republicans not because they cheated, but because they didn’t want Trump as President yet liked the rest of the Republican candidates! Now these same elected officials are pushing election “reform” and “accountability.” That is a ruse to pass laws that keep people they don’t like from voting and if they do find a way to vote, to refuse to count votes for the winning candidate if said candidate is not on their political slate. They’re stealing our constitutional right to vote in plain daylight, and right now we’re letting them get away with it.

Now let’s go to COVID-19, which started with the White House saying forget about it, it’s only happening in “blue states” so let them die. So much for a nation of the people, and for the people! Well now it’s happening in red states because why? Because COVID is a crafty little bug and if people in blue states are vaccinated it’ll go where it’s welcome. We quickly got a vaccine, thanks in part to operation Warp Speed, but now Trump supporters will not get the vaccine. The Delta variant is set to cause much death but no, any effort at vaccination is an assault on my liberties. Please think about this. I guarantee that the people who are telling you not to get a vaccine, have gotten the vaccine to protect themselves. Ask them to tell you the truth then ask your doctor if you should be protected against this awful disease, if not for yourself, for your family, friends, community and health care professionals who will treat you when you’re on your deathbead. Ask to see the Fox News vaccination policy for its staff.

Think about it. We sometimes take it for granted that we live in the greatest democracy in the world, but we’re ready to throw it away and believe lies from people who stand to gain power and money from these lies. Donald Trump has raised $75 million in the past six months to “Save America” and “audit” election results to reinstate himself as President, yet has not parted with a penny of it towards any of these efforts to discredit the good people that have worked our polls since our nation was founded.

The vaccine will not hurt you if you get it. You’ll fare far worse if you get COVID-19 and die from it. Even some right-wing media is coming around and advising viewers to take the vaccine. Do they do this because they care about us and our health? No way. People dying from a preventable disease hurts viewership. It hurts the conservative voter base. It hurts the stock market. That’s why they want you to take it, which is why you should listen to your health professional instead of Facebook and get a free vaccine.

Let’s pull together, Americans. If you want to think about something good to cheer for, try the Olympics. Our athletes need us now, because we can’t be in Japan to show solidarity in person. One America. United. With liberty and justice for all. And health, God willing. Cheers! Dee

Blatantly Political

Y’all know that “cooking” is more than that, right? At least with me.

I try to deal with issues rather than any party or candidate as I’m independent. These days I don’t know which way is up or down as the Supremes vote against the Voting Rights Act and for gay marriage.

Then all the states that got the Hail Mary pass for anti-Black voters instituted their “reforms.” Then Texas decided to rule against a woman’s control of her own body.

Seeing all this, I believe this to be true, the Republican party is bombing so badly they’re putting it all into the states they may win next year and in 2016 for president so denying rights to over a majority of the population. Great stand.

Why does this bother me? I just got three stop signs with flags on them that actually induce traffic to slow down and stop for me and my dog, because they couldn’t put in an actual stopwalk where the signs are because it’s city/county and they don’t align.

This is what a citizen trying to staying alive crossing the street does. All this stuff about race and abortion does nothing for anyone. We’re taxpayers. We don’t need you in our bedrooms or voting booths.

We need you to do what we elect you (yes, you are supposed to represent us and not just gun and other lobbyists) to follow the Constitution and make things right in the USA, including keeping to a budget and not running us trillions in debt.

The Motor City declared bankruptcy today. How many companies and perhaps cities (you did NYC years ago) will we have to pay for their mismanagement? Too big to fail? No.

I’m all for gay marriage but am a fiscal conservative (just don’t look at my grocery bills).

This is a representative democracy and if I have to run for office to do so, I may have to do so if asked. I care about people. Many politicians may have cared once but then the money train came along and they all got aboard and the people they promised to represent were lost.

A century ago this was a land of Congressmen (yes, all men) that were teachers and of other professions, not all lawyers trying to move up and make more gold in their practice.

What can we do to change this? I’m just a citizen and voter who believes my vote is a joke and no-one ever looks out for my interests. I’ve written laws and worked for government and I believe it has failed all of us. Democracy works, but we need to get involved.

Please register to vote, volunteer locally, even one day a month and know what your fellow citizens are going through. Read your voter pamphlets and VOTE. Thanks, Dee


People don’t think taxpayers pay a burden when our government bails out banks, investment and insurance companies. We do.

Now the Motor City, Motown, Detroit has gone bust and is going to look for funds from us, the taxpayers of the USA.

No-one in the music industry has initiated a concert to raise funds for Motown. They’re $18-20 BILLION in debt. When the Grand Ole Opry is in trouble, country musicians kick into gear.

All the financiers have said “no.” Towns die, mainly for a reason. Why aren’t the auto manufacturers stepping up to the plate? You let your town go bankrupt and now we all have to pay the price. Because you didn’t help out, you’ll be next. Both my husband and I own older foreign cars.

We pay enough taxes as it is to bail out financial institutions but once cities go down, it’s a bit much to ask from all of us to pay even more. Congress, please take that pork off the table and also stop digging into our health care. Mr. President, please lead. Supreme Court Justices, know that while you allowed states to allow gay marriage you did a supreme injustice to Blacks in southern states regarding voting rights.

It seems as if we’re all over the place and the lobbyists are controlling the people we elect and they appoint. We must do better voters, otherwise we cannot avoid the responsibility of being wrong time after time.

We must get involved. Volunteer. Register  to vote. Vote above all else. Ask questions of your candidates. Most will promise you something and lie when elected. Think about if you were a candidate and what you would do for the cause you love most.

Don’t put your faith in politicians. Instant polls, tweets, negative ads, it’s a slippery slope and a mind-set that allows people to be disingenuous and glib.

These people we elect do bailouts for the people who give them the most campaign contributions. What would it take to buy us? To take us from our homes and kids to curry favor and take “junkets” around the world?

Not me. I’ve seen enough and quit when I was making $26, 400 per year. I was rich, but not nearly as rich as my co-worker who started years later and made more than me “because he has three kids.” That’s also why I got to man the desk 18 hours a day as a single gal because I didn’t “need” to sleep or be at home, just cover for them.

Covering is what our government is doing. Let’s stop it. Early morning, sun’s up at 4. Dee

GOP Response to SCOTUS

“The landmark ruling frees up many parts of the country that have a history of discriminating against minorities from federal supervision.”

This Supreme Court ruling is allowing the GOP to harass, coerce, threaten citizens who are people of color not to vote. I have seen it at the polls.

The GOP sent me this via email. This sentence struck a chord and I must raise the question: my grandfather escaped Hitler before his home town became a Nazi stronghold. My mother emigrated from Canada to marry Dad.

Both were drawn to America for its freedoms. Now all our phone calls, GPS information, emails et al are filtered by the NSA.

Sometimes I help spay and neuter feral cats. Now it looks as if individual privacy and voter registration are my callings. I do not care for whom citizens vote, only that they are allowed to do so. Hello, NSA, how are y’all doing today? Dee