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There’s No U.S. Without US

On this President’s Day, let us remember We The People, all of us in this grand democratic experiment. It’s breaking before our eyes. I don’t want to go back to the fifties or beyond, but want a United States of now, and prepared for a bright future.

First, we must make it easy to register to vote, to cast a ballot, and to know that each and every vote will be counted. That is in jeopardy, and with it our democracy.

We can, and must, do better to save it. Your fellow American, Dee


Remember This?

Of the People, By the People, For the People.

I think our government has forgotten our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The People are not represented any more. It’s a bunch of rich people who spend their money to get elected. Then they don’t represent anyone. It is a very sad state we’re in.

When I have Thomas Jefferson and our friend, Ben Franklin for dinner next week we’ll talk about the state of affairs of our country. Abe Lincoln may have time to stop for dessert.

Tom is bringing some interesting fruits and veggies from France, it’ll be good to see them all and talk about things like government and religion, government and terrorists, and government sneaking around gathering phone data on every American citizen.

I look forward to a day when a teacher or brick layer, real leaders come up the ranks and don’t pay their own money to be elected. I think my friends, Tom, George Washington, Ben and Abe may agree. Cheers! Dee

I Can Not Say

Anything. Any more. Not only does our healthcare system have access to and keeps our work, banking, health and other data and shares it with the federal government, everyone seems to do so.

What kind of world is this? One of our health care providers sent us a “privacy” notice that says we have no privacy anywhere we go.

Oh, we did watch a movie on Netflix the other day. I hope you can find out what it was. No, I don’t remember but it was sad, Taking Chance. All of this is invasion of privacy.

No-one cares or fights it. We all should care that the rug is being pulled from beneath our feet. The wool should come off our eyes and we should realize that this is not our government, by the people, for the people any more. Dee

ps I got hits from Brazil and Saudi Arabia today, so don’t think no-one reads this blog. The other day it was Swaziland and Spain, USA, Canada and Vietnam. If I disappear someone, at least my dog who will miss her breakfast, will know.