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We’re back in Kansas! I clicked my ruby slippers three times and now Auntie Em and everyone on the farm made sure I have reproductive rights and can even have a career when I grow up! Wow!

At least I know how to go back to Oz and return when it comes to securing my right to have my vote counted fairly in true democratic fashion as the Constitution intended. Or maybe we can do it all on our own. All we need are strong women who don’t want to go back to the dark days of kings and queens, or back alley abortions.

What, Toto? Yes, I’ll try to get you some more local dog parks, too.

I’d better hang on to those ruby slippers, they sure came in handy. Cheers to democracy! Dee


Blatantly Political

Y’all know that “cooking” is more than that, right? At least with me.

I try to deal with issues rather than any party or candidate as I’m independent. These days I don’t know which way is up or down as the Supremes vote against the Voting Rights Act and for gay marriage.

Then all the states that got the Hail Mary pass for anti-Black voters instituted their “reforms.” Then Texas decided to rule against a woman’s control of her own body.

Seeing all this, I believe this to be true, the Republican party is bombing so badly they’re putting it all into the states they may win next year and in 2016 for president so denying rights to over a majority of the population. Great stand.

Why does this bother me? I just got three stop signs with flags on them that actually induce traffic to slow down and stop for me and my dog, because they couldn’t put in an actual stopwalk where the signs are because it’s city/county and they don’t align.

This is what a citizen trying to staying alive crossing the street does. All this stuff about race and abortion does nothing for anyone. We’re taxpayers. We don’t need you in our bedrooms or voting booths.

We need you to do what we elect you (yes, you are supposed to represent us and not just gun and other lobbyists) to follow the Constitution and make things right in the USA, including keeping to a budget and not running us trillions in debt.

The Motor City declared bankruptcy today. How many companies and perhaps cities (you did NYC years ago) will we have to pay for their mismanagement? Too big to fail? No.

I’m all for gay marriage but am a fiscal conservative (just don’t look at my grocery bills).

This is a representative democracy and if I have to run for office to do so, I may have to do so if asked. I care about people. Many politicians may have cared once but then the money train came along and they all got aboard and the people they promised to represent were lost.

A century ago this was a land of Congressmen (yes, all men) that were teachers and of other professions, not all lawyers trying to move up and make more gold in their practice.

What can we do to change this? I’m just a citizen and voter who believes my vote is a joke and no-one ever looks out for my interests. I’ve written laws and worked for government and I believe it has failed all of us. Democracy works, but we need to get involved.

Please register to vote, volunteer locally, even one day a month and know what your fellow citizens are going through. Read your voter pamphlets and VOTE. Thanks, Dee