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We had moved twice from our family home in a year. Ten miles down the road, different school district and easier for Dad to get to work.

This was high school. Battle. Brawn, cheerleaders and brains. I was good at English Lit and Algebra, Alex on Geometry, we all studied together.

We came up with names from A.A. Milne, and we were all supporting characters. I remember two. Alex was Tigger. I was Piglet, a tiny girl. I realize now I was probably the leader of the group. They named me as such and when a situation comes up, I just deal with it.

I had a crush on Tigger but had never dated nor wanted to do so. After all, we had to go through Geometry after Algebra. He was my saving study grace there. I wonder what he’s doing now. Probably a home and wife and kids, perhaps grandkids, I wish him well.

Twenty years ago I was a consultant for an impoverished neighborhood striving to educate their children. We had an event one day and I was given an opportunity to assess one of the parent seminars, and I learned algebra all over again. This teacher should have made Teacher of the Year nationally. I remembered! It was so easy, that I wish math and science would have been recommended for girls back in the day. In my day it was Home Economics, and I protested it by leading the team and making our theme chocolate for everything, pancakes, whatever. I wanted to take Shop but I was a girl and even went to the Principal but was disallowed because of my gender. I could make a pie, but not a lamp.

That was years ago but if we had a lot of money I’d toss it in a foundation for math and science and reward the teachers, then the students with impartial judges as to teacher and student qualifications. The emphasis would be for women to learn early on that they can write software, do any job guys do for three times more than you can make. Thank you Mr. Burgoon (grade school), and Tigger, for a bit of math. Cheers, Dee

ps Many thanks to my husband, who is great at physics lessons on the road (what kind of smoke is this and what does this factory make) who makes me admire the math geeks. Hey, I’m married to one and try not to take long car trips with him, the dog is more quiet and in back…… D




TripAdvisor “Reviews”

Well, so much for being a Top Contributor, or now “level 6,” whatever that means. This was a first person review and I sang at the structure now being torn down fifty years ago this summer. I know where I stood and sang Panis Angelicus. If memories don’t count, why do you have a travel blog? Why just not have an “I’m planning to go to Bora Bora sometime” site? Think about it.

Yes, my father worked there 40 years ago and moved on. I worked there for three summers to put myself through college and I moved on so  that is first-hand information. I beg to differ with your decision not to air my views as there was a Board of Trustees decision to demolish earlier this month.

When I’m seventy years old, will your “guidelines” prevent a review of something I recently visited that someone I knew experienced 90 years ago? What is the moratorium? I suggest you review your guidelines. If your new monetized site that is using my nearly 80K reviews (for free) shrinks from controversy, say it. You’ve been disingenuous in having me write free reviews for you for years. Now it’s a travel site and you don’t want any sticky bits getting in the way, like the hamburger tasted like a hockey puck and the decor was awful 70’s and filthy. But I would never eat at a place like that. Change the guidelines, a former Top Contributor.

Dee, “Level 6”

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Subject: Chautauqua Institution

Location: Chautauqua, Chautauqua County, New York, United States, North America

Title: The Amphitheater, Gone

ID#: 314145900

I must share my experience, as the Board and President have just commandeered the distruction of its’ Amphitheater, the heart of the Institution with hard wooden benches and a few bad sight lines but provides orchestra, dance, religion, speakers, music, it is the original Chautauqua and now they’ve voted to eviscerate its heart.

Next summer, try it for a week or few days or for the summer and format your opinion of these grounds and its offerings.

I am very sad at this decision as I pulled weeds at the clay tennis courts, worked at a cafeteria then in program where I was on duty for 80 hours per week, about $1 an hour. I was in college and worked as hard as I could summers to make money for my college tuition. I met some wonderful folks there, but I know exactly where I sat and stood to sing at Chautauqua’s Amp and have remembered being so scared then we kids came home with 2nd place. Never had I been to a “cathedral” so beautiful and I think it made our voices ring out because of the great echoing sound in this old and beautiful place.

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 Proof of the pudding? http://www.cleveland.com/architecture/index.ssf/2015/08/preservation_group_criticizes.html

I can get the Board decision as well. This is one nasty organization that will not even respond to a Top Contributor with nearly 80,000 viewers.

Chew on that, TripAdvisor. Dee