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Statutes Of Limitation

I’ve learned over the years that the statute of limitations for the IRS is seven years.

Around here, a misdemeanor is three years, felony six years and homicide, eternal.

At TripAdvisor I wrote a review they would not publish because I knew a person who worked there forty years ago. I am not a murderer or burglar. I am a writer who writes of memories and things I love and would like to protect. I would never say the organization is “going to the dogs” but that’s just because I love dogs. And cats.

TripAdvisor has denied my voice and it has stolen and monetized 80,000 hits on my reviews but they will not print one review because someone told them not to print it. Luckily I’ve my own venue to do so. And people thought Chautauquans were quiet in the off-season. Never. It’s the book store and post office. If you send the Anti-Smart People there, you’ll have to go door to door and investigate traitors, round them up on the tennis courts and lock them in with no food or water or shelter. Tattoo them with numbers.

Then you might remember one moment in Chautauqua’s history. FDR made his “I Hate War” speech, a radio address, from the Miller Cottage. Chautauqua is doing this to Chautauquans simply because they have the money to do it. Just because one has money to do something does not mean it needs to be done. TripAdvisor has been told by Chautauqua not to air my views.

The Chautauquan Daily was overseen by a wonderful lady, Alfreda Irwin, for years. She’s gone now, but I’ve a lovely photo of hers of the creek where I want my ashes strewn. I bought it at a fund-raiser in Bestor Square to benefit Chautauqua and it took me 30 years to frame it. Her daughter called the Daily and they didn’t know her mother’s name. They didn’t know my father’s name. I hope they remember “Shorty,” as he was a pistol and raised a great family. All three Mediallion recipients were special to me, certainly my Dad.

Book me, Dano. I am never allowed to write a review of a non-profit organization a family member worked for 40 years ago and never took a position on demolition of the sacred amphitheater that even the National Trust for Historic Preservation wants kept intact? I asked their statute of limitation. This is not a restaurant or hotel chain, this is a non-profit organization that people care about, pay to visit and want some peace and harmony in their lives. If I’m 80 and knew my father I am not allowed to write a review. Harsh justice in my book. I’d like a court to see this one.

I used to write laws for a living. Scared me to death, writing for 34 million people at age 21. I hope of learning, knowing, arts and learning how to sail. Arts, religion, education, recreation.

Chautauqua would probably love to string up a gallows in Bestor Square. I’ve no hope of ever writing anything about Chautauqua if I ever knew anyone who lived or worked there. I’m nearing sixty so the ranks are thinning but if I had to disclose everyone I worked with when I was 19 years old and that stopped me from writing a review, what is wrong here?

Please say it’s not me. I don’t deserve life in prison or death by hanging in Bestor Plaza at Chautauqua Institution for trying to publish a review asking people to visit and see the Amphitheater and decide for themselves next season.

That’s all I did and now this is my only option. You. Write in to this blog. Just say “Save the Amp.” Forget the red ruby slippers and just say “there’s no place like home” in your heart.

Home is Chautauqua. The Amp is the heart of Chautauqua and they voted to tear it down to make more money. That tears out my heart. Respectfully, Dee


The Brush-Off

I get it. A couple of months ago I visited my mechanic of over three years. He was dealing with a young guy who needed $800 of work on his car, the guy could only afford a hundred or so and three of his credit cards had already been turned down. Owner’s son couldn’t be nicer. Come back soon, sir.

His guy was helping me out for a rudimentary check of brakes, fluids, lights and oil change, a regular thing they’d been doing for three years. I asked where Kevin was. We were doing great and he had my registration, insurance, past paid invoices. No longer here. Then owner’s son sent his boy away and took over his seat.

I’d asked for the estimate and it was more than twice as much as I paid last year. He yelled at me and asked if I wanted the work done. I said yes. He said I raised my voice to him while he was screaming at me. I tried to calm him down. He worked so well with the non-paying guy next to me I didn’t know what he was up to. I asked that since my husband knows more about cars than I do, should I send him over? I meant that he deals way better with guys than gals. Then he accused me of threatening him and screamed his way out of the room and brought the shaking young kid in to take me out.

I told him I needed my paperwork to drive my car. He said give it to her and get her out of here! Then he yelled that Kevin, his predecessor, said I was a big pain in the *** as well!

Found a new mechanic. First thing when he saw my former bill was that this guy bragged to all the other owners/mechanics of kicking me out of his shop. His quote was 1/3 of what the jerk quoted. That’s why I’m taking my husband’s car there next week. The “check engine” light just came on.

The jerk is trying to drive women away, even long-term customers who pay the bill, to have his motorcycle buddies come by and hang out all day. There goes the business. His father is still working in the shop and probably will let Junior run it until it’s dying day.

The price Junior gave me was the “get lost” price. He had to find a way to offend me to get me to leave. Can I tell you how difficult I was in the past? Park the car, tell Kevin where it is, give him the keys, get the estimate, get a call if the estimate has changed and find out when to pick it up. Enter, sign, give card, sign, get keys, get car and always say thank you.


Today, there’s another issue. You know this blog. It is usually about stories, memories, recipes, food and sometimes politics.

I am trying to help one of the greatest organizations I’ve ever known. I’ve tried to ask people to visit (it’s expensive) and see what they think and apparently that was offensive to TripAdvisor, where I am a Top Contributor with 80,000 views. They denied my post, so I went to my own, with 86,000 views, yes, right here.

The difference is that they took my reviews as a service for travelers, and then used us all for money. I write to you, to write for you. I have never made a nickel from this site, nor do I wish to do so.

When TripAdvisor refused to respond I was quite perturbed. Thus the prior post. I don’t like getting the brush-off when I’ve put years into something I thought was good. Feeling used, Dee

ps There’s a good one coming up!

TripAdvisor “Reviews”

Well, so much for being a Top Contributor, or now “level 6,” whatever that means. This was a first person review and I sang at the structure now being torn down fifty years ago this summer. I know where I stood and sang Panis Angelicus. If memories don’t count, why do you have a travel blog? Why just not have an “I’m planning to go to Bora Bora sometime” site? Think about it.

Yes, my father worked there 40 years ago and moved on. I worked there for three summers to put myself through college and I moved on so  that is first-hand information. I beg to differ with your decision not to air my views as there was a Board of Trustees decision to demolish earlier this month.

When I’m seventy years old, will your “guidelines” prevent a review of something I recently visited that someone I knew experienced 90 years ago? What is the moratorium? I suggest you review your guidelines. If your new monetized site that is using my nearly 80K reviews (for free) shrinks from controversy, say it. You’ve been disingenuous in having me write free reviews for you for years. Now it’s a travel site and you don’t want any sticky bits getting in the way, like the hamburger tasted like a hockey puck and the decor was awful 70’s and filthy. But I would never eat at a place like that. Change the guidelines, a former Top Contributor.

Dee, “Level 6”

On Sep 29, 2015, at 9:14 AM, TripAdvisor wrote:

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Dear TripAdvisor Member,

Thank you for your review. We have opted not to publish your review as it does not meet our guidelines for traveler reviews. We have listed the guidelines below; you may also view them at:


*Authentic guest reviews of first hand experiences

We accept reviews that detail first-hand experiences with the facilities or services of an establishment. General discussion that does not detail a substantial experience will not be posted. No second-hand information or hearsay (unverified information, rumors or quotations from other sources or the reported opinions/experience of others).

No reviews written by ownership or management; including past employees, volunteers or anyone associated with/related to employees of the property with which they are affiliated. No reviews written by vendors employed by the property. Individuals affiliated with a property may not review other properties of the same type (accommodation, restaurant, or attraction) within the same city or town, or within 10 miles/16 kilometres of that property.

General commentary, bulletins, and questions for other reviewers are best suited to the TripAdvisor Forums (http://www.tripadvisor.com/ForumHome). Forums are discussion boards where members may ask and answer one another’s travel-related questions. Please feel free to submit your message there. Your original review is included below for your convenience.

Best regards,

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——original review——-

Subject: Chautauqua Institution

Location: Chautauqua, Chautauqua County, New York, United States, North America

Title: The Amphitheater, Gone

ID#: 314145900

I must share my experience, as the Board and President have just commandeered the distruction of its’ Amphitheater, the heart of the Institution with hard wooden benches and a few bad sight lines but provides orchestra, dance, religion, speakers, music, it is the original Chautauqua and now they’ve voted to eviscerate its heart.

Next summer, try it for a week or few days or for the summer and format your opinion of these grounds and its offerings.

I am very sad at this decision as I pulled weeds at the clay tennis courts, worked at a cafeteria then in program where I was on duty for 80 hours per week, about $1 an hour. I was in college and worked as hard as I could summers to make money for my college tuition. I met some wonderful folks there, but I know exactly where I sat and stood to sing at Chautauqua’s Amp and have remembered being so scared then we kids came home with 2nd place. Never had I been to a “cathedral” so beautiful and I think it made our voices ring out because of the great echoing sound in this old and beautiful place.

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 Proof of the pudding? http://www.cleveland.com/architecture/index.ssf/2015/08/preservation_group_criticizes.html

I can get the Board decision as well. This is one nasty organization that will not even respond to a Top Contributor with nearly 80,000 viewers.

Chew on that, TripAdvisor. Dee

Pets and Traveling

TripAdvisor sent me a survey today about traveling with pets. I don’t really think of it often, but we do it. My answers made me sound like I have a little “accessory” dog in a gold lame purse. That is not the case. We’ve been sent on short-term travel assignments in the US and abroad. When our 45 lb. hipless wonder was a year old we heard my husband may be sent to London. The next day I started on getting her on the DEFRA British travel scheme and she’s been on it for over five years now!

Do we like going away for a weekend and taking her to a hotel and everywhere we go? No. We’ve put her on a plane halfway across the country once and she was OK, and Continental Airlines was terrific in taking care of her but it is a jolt to the system especially with being in a strange place for the next couple of months. So when we were sent overseas we did not take her, but left her with a dear friend where she thrived, even put on a few pounds.

Our Zoe does love the car, and the test of that was driving cross-country on this move. She was in the passenger seat of Jim’s car, as both cars were loaded with personal items because we left all our furniture in storage. But we needed our computers, my food processor, his PSIII, some clothes et al. She was a trouper. She didn’t get altitude sickness, we did.

Indeed, Zoe likes to be in the car just to be with us. When the weather is right (70 degrees is my cutoff for heat) I leave the windows open and she just likes being out and seeing the world while I pick up the drycleaning or a few items at the grocery store. A couple of times a year we like walking to a local restaurant and sit at the outdoor tables and have a snack, and she enjoys the walk and company as well.

With people starting a pet airline (haven’t gotten any emails from those folks lately) there is a need for accommodation of people with a pet. We stayed mostly at La Quinta en route here on the move and mostly we were given what was probably a smoking room at the back next to the back entrance, soda and ice machines. Not ideal. The Grand Hotel in Cheyenne WY was fantastic as it was the quietest room we had, the dog was accepted and we weren’t given a crummy room because of having a dog, there were places to walk AND entertainment! There was a beauty pageant going on, with older ladies, and we got to hear some stories.

I would ask hotels to consider that sometimes people have to bring an animal along, such as when they’re moving across the country, and to treat them well. Hotels don’t want animals to be left alone in the room but no place allows them outside of the hotel, so restaurants should be able to allow leashed dogs on an outside patio. Leaving them in the car in heat is not an option. So more has to be done to not make dog owners pariahs when they have to travel with the pooch.

If all else fails, remember that if you treat us well when we bring Fido, chances are we’ll be back, choose your hotel without the dog, and refer our friends as well. Cheers, Dee