The Brush-Off

I get it. A couple of months ago I visited my mechanic of over three years. He was dealing with a young guy who needed $800 of work on his car, the guy could only afford a hundred or so and three of his credit cards had already been turned down. Owner’s son couldn’t be nicer. Come back soon, sir.

His guy was helping me out for a rudimentary check of brakes, fluids, lights and oil change, a regular thing they’d been doing for three years. I asked where Kevin was. We were doing great and he had my registration, insurance, past paid invoices. No longer here. Then owner’s son sent his boy away and took over his seat.

I’d asked for the estimate and it was more than twice as much as I paid last year. He yelled at me and asked if I wanted the work done. I said yes. He said I raised my voice to him while he was screaming at me. I tried to calm him down. He worked so well with the non-paying guy next to me I didn’t know what he was up to. I asked that since my husband knows more about cars than I do, should I send him over? I meant that he deals way better with guys than gals. Then he accused me of threatening him and screamed his way out of the room and brought the shaking young kid in to take me out.

I told him I needed my paperwork to drive my car. He said give it to her and get her out of here! Then he yelled that Kevin, his predecessor, said I was a big pain in the *** as well!

Found a new mechanic. First thing when he saw my former bill was that this guy bragged to all the other owners/mechanics of kicking me out of his shop. His quote was 1/3 of what the jerk quoted. That’s why I’m taking my husband’s car there next week. The “check engine” light just came on.

The jerk is trying to drive women away, even long-term customers who pay the bill, to have his motorcycle buddies come by and hang out all day. There goes the business. His father is still working in the shop and probably will let Junior run it until it’s dying day.

The price Junior gave me was the “get lost” price. He had to find a way to offend me to get me to leave. Can I tell you how difficult I was in the past? Park the car, tell Kevin where it is, give him the keys, get the estimate, get a call if the estimate has changed and find out when to pick it up. Enter, sign, give card, sign, get keys, get car and always say thank you.


Today, there’s another issue. You know this blog. It is usually about stories, memories, recipes, food and sometimes politics.

I am trying to help one of the greatest organizations I’ve ever known. I’ve tried to ask people to visit (it’s expensive) and see what they think and apparently that was offensive to TripAdvisor, where I am a Top Contributor with 80,000 views. They denied my post, so I went to my own, with 86,000 views, yes, right here.

The difference is that they took my reviews as a service for travelers, and then used us all for money. I write to you, to write for you. I have never made a nickel from this site, nor do I wish to do so.

When TripAdvisor refused to respond I was quite perturbed. Thus the prior post. I don’t like getting the brush-off when I’ve put years into something I thought was good. Feeling used, Dee

ps There’s a good one coming up!


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