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I’ve an appointment in the morning. He’s a barber, across the way. I love this Harley-Davidson guy.

A couple of things. I’ve thought bangs. I had him take off 8″ last time and he was very judicious in his choices. He played it safe in case I changed my mind, and I love him for that.

Probably no bangs as mom used to trap me in the bathroom, put tape over my forehead and cut below it. I’ve a very low forehead, so the more I squirmed, the shorter they were. Plus, it’s terrible to grow out.

I’ve a trip in the fall, overseas for dad’s birthday. Should I get a severe  cut and have it done again? Know that my hair does what it wants. It’s down to my shoulders now  so flips up. I feel as if it’s the early 70’s and I’m trying out for a part on the Mary Tyler Moore show.


On Saturday a pair of shoes arrived courtesy of my husband. He chose smaller than I needed. Yesterday three pair arrived. The first was just right, second too small and third too large. Goldilocks. I have brown hair and a dog, not bears.

Then I set an alarm for my hair appointment this morning. Dave Mason singing “All Along the Watch Tower.” Instead of awakening me, it brought me back to open high school campus when I used to run home between classes, hop in the pool, listen to Dave Mason loudly, a LP album while sitting in a pool chair lined with his cover wrapped in tin foil to “reflect.” I think that’s the wrong kind of alarm but the dog has been out and fed and out again and I’ve nearly two hours until my appointment.

I’ve a few serious questions. Last time I visited Mr. B, a Harley enthusiast, I asked him to take 8″ off my mane. It was the day after eye surgery and he was hesitant so hedged his bets, God bless him.

Now it is short but hot on my neck and it is August.  Mr. B knows my rule. The front has to be long enough to tie up for cooking so I don’t get hair in our food. Should I go dramatic? Bangs (no), and still get it cut again before our river cruise?

I’ll know in 1.5 hours. There’s another question in the plan. Doc says I have to wear a brim as I’ve a small cataract (I’ve a Tilley with tokens intact after 10 years, and a Texas summer cowgal with bling for this season) so the haircut is immaterial! Scarves will be my signature so hair and me don’t matter any more. Carpe diem. Dee



Teach Your Children

well, that was the song my tone deaf band sang at age 12, at a concert. Whenever I rose up to do harmony they came up with me. That was my only concert, even though in a huge school we did place second.

It’s after nine a.m. and the dog doesn’t know where to go so I’m thinking of taking her out, again. She loves sleeping on the bed but wants me now as well and I’ve been up for hours. My husband works on the other coast and is looking forward to a long weekend with us. Shhhh, sleep, dear.

I’d like to think the songs of Bob Dylan, CSNY, PPM, Joan Baez and others have made a different life for parents and children. I was too scared of Dylan at age 12 and I’ve only about 12 chords, never enough for Joan Baez even though I sing her music all the time. Dave Mason, I took up guitar again at age fifty and cannot play Joan Baez, I’m a beginner. One of the best musical virtual friends (now deceased) I have is Johnny Cash. I made fun of country/western music as a kid at age 12, just to be cool. A fool, I was.

Johnny Cash is one heck of a teacher even after he’s gone. When I was in private lessons I’d download free lyrics then unpack my mind and new guitar and make up chords to go with it. No primers, no music, or chords. I’d just hear in my mind, and do it.

It was time to quit private lessons as my teacher was rude to me, treating me like a kid, and when we sang a song together and he followed me to harmony he became angry, denigrating me by saying I had perfect pitch. It was American Pie and I did a riff at the end that he liked, practiced all week. He was impressed then did a turnaround.

I told him I never thought of it but Dad and all my music teachers said so. I think he had such talent on instruments that he taught his kids well, I had perfect pitch but nothing like his playing ability so as Dave Mason would say, we agreed to disagree. Dee

Compost and Dave Mason

My parents were at a dinner party in Washington D. C. a long time ago and we kids got bored so went down to the basement where they had a few 100 year-old wooden wheelchairs from a local hospital charity sale. We had races. Basement races in an old brownstone. Cool!

Then the older boy put on a record of incredible music as I was 12 and used to top 40. My musical ears listened. He showed me the cover. It was Dave Mason, and way out of my wheelhouse for the moment.

A few years later we were in a frigid climate with a pool, Dave Mason, Joan Baez, James Taylor, Bob Dylan (All Along the Watchtower, Ruben Carter) and many others to come when I took up guitar, PPM, Johnny Cash, CSNY and Juni Fisher. I keep my fine guitar hydrated, not played.

We had an open campus high school and I lived three blocks away. In late spring I’d run home, hop into our pool chair listening to Dave Mason with a double album under my chin with aluminum foil helping me tan. Yes, the old days. For the record, I never had the record in the cover. Plus, I never got a tan, just UV rays!

If Mom was gone and had locked the front door I jumped over the fence into the compost pile, went by the pool to the back garage and kitchen entry doors and changed, then hopped into the pool. Twice a day during study hall.

In winter months when our pool was covered, iced and snowed I just took extra gymnastics classes. Dave Mason, Bad Company, Elton John, the Beatles and compost helped me out those two years. Cheers from a geek teen. Dee

ps The girls and boys never trained or competed together. Before lawsuits became the order of the day, every night of summer when school was out they opened a gymnastics gym for all of us gymnasts so we could learn new tricks. I was never a good gymnast. I was a great Captain for two years, for leadership skills. Even kept my little sister in line, as she questioned everything from warm-up on. In summer we got the super-steamy and stinky wrestlers’ gym with a 4′ mat so we could practice flips.

pps I had a diva, a “ringer” from the gym I taught at, and she aced it at the state championships. She retired to the locker room and said we were all going to take her down. I told her that our team all stood and cheered for her and that if she dons street clothes and leaves now she is no longer on the team to gain her reward. She decided to root for the team. Tough love, seldom, but when there’s a diva….. d


Rock My World

When I was 12, my parents gave me a cheapie nylon string guitar for Christmas. Why? Earlier that year we’d moved and met the children of one of Dad’s colleagues one night at their home for dinner. Afterwards, we kids went to the basement where they had 100 year-old wheelchairs from the local hospital’s sale. We had wheelchair races then came… Dave Mason’s “Alone Together” album… and it changed my life.

I taught myself a few chords and even put a girl band together, two tone-deafs and me. We sang for a school concert: Teach Your Children; Day is Done; and “500 Miles.”

One of his seventies album covers was a fold-out. I took out the record sleeves and lined it with tin foil to tan by the pool. It was Buffalo, there was no sun. I’ve listened to Dave Mason pretty much all my life, and now I just found out he’s in concert right down the road tomorrow night! It’s an intimate venue and would be a grand treat to see this rock legend play if tix are still available.

My husband is at a seminar tonight but we’ll get right on it if he wants to go. Wish me well, cheers! Dee


My mother said, even when I was in high school, that I liked to listen to dirges.  Sad songs.  As this flood of music comes back to my brain and to my heart I hear a lot of ladies’ names: Angie (Rolling Stones): Sara (Dylan); and happier ones like Amie (Pure Prairie League).

Then there are the war tunes, including Brothers in Arms (Joan Baez) and spirituals (Let Us Break Bread Together).

And we can’t forget when the levee ran dry, and the three men I admired most took the last train for the coast.  That must have been the day the music died.

When I bought my new guitar, bad purchase – a dreadnaught – but it sounds nice, I asked for a  beginner book and was steered towards the Carpenters. I told Doc that’s a slippery slope and I don’t want to go there so started with Dylan and a country song book.

We spent a few months in Scotland and our favorite restaurant was right down the block, Italian, run by Rocco, formerly an Italian Carabinieri (cop).  Our last evening we exchanged gifts.  Rocco gave us little pastries in limoncello from Sicily.  We gave him a classic Sinatra CD “Come Fly With Me” and ended the night with the entire restaurant singing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” after Jim sang the first few verses of “El Paso.” [Marty Robbins]

That led to a much more slippery slope.  Our last evening in Scotland was memorable, even though we had to get up at 3:00 to get on the road to London and home.

Perhaps the” London Homesick Blues” got to us and we had to go home to the Armadillo, sweet country music from Amarillo to Abilene….”  I think Jerry Jeff should change it to Aberdeen. Perhaps if he wasn’t in England, he’d like the countryside more, especially from Scotland, an ornery bunch if there ever was one.  Sign me up!

I do like anthems, dirges, songs that mean something so Mom was correct.  I’d ask her to listen to a song, even early Beatles, and she didn’t understand.  Then came a lot of rock, plus James Taylor, Dave Mason, Carole King, Dan Fogelberg, Art Garfunkel, young Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Loggins et al.

I think people who write, perform and listen to this music must not eat, bring own veg food or chomp on the local grub.  There’s an idea, follow a band to find out what they eat, then go out as an advance person and make it healthier.  Not me, I’ve never been a Band Aid.  But if you’re hurt I probably have something in my car to fix it.

Please know I’m going to use what I’ve made of your songs to play to put babies to sleep and for family and friends to sing a song or two over the holidays.  Thank you songwriters and singers, nautical wheelers, Dee