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I’ve not worn a skirt for a while but would like to do so a bit after our 12th wedding anniversary. I think I’ve got the skirt and will get a spare, know I have the blouse. The spring cowgirl hat is in the closet. All I need is for someone to make me some real boots that will last a lifetime.

All the songs are down. Country most of the way, laid back, casual. We’ll work it out. My husband knew my plan right away. I want Nanny and my father to be there because we eloped nearly 12 years ago. Of course his parents and family.

I’m hoping for a very short ceremony, outdoors, with music and favorite foods. Nanny is the grandmother of the groom (adopted the bride) and would be escorted by S and a great grand, Jim’s parents walk him in, my father walks me in. I’d love to do it all country with a Ferragamo scarf. I digress.

Then we get M and others’ great food and iced tea. No drinking or dancing allowed but we’ll have music and good food. I know who we’ll get to stand up for us. It could be fun! Of course we’ll hear some Jerry Jeff Walker, Johnny Cash, Juni Fisher, CSNY, PPM, and of course Dylan and Baez, sadly none present. This event should have happened on our 10th, but this is my wish. Dee


My College Days

were about freedom and learning about life and art and history. Also my majors, Soc and Psyc. Yes, I was forced to take religion, math and science. My advisor, former head of the Sociology department, is still in touch.

Of course I hung out with my wing mates, the gals of 3W. Also knew the guys on 3N, Bacchus and the Swamp, the leader of which is still in touch as well.

W called me twelve years ago. He said he’d been looking for me for 20 years, to see how I’m doing and tell me about his family. He found me online because of a tech conference and called. I thought it was my boyfriend/now husband who was out of town playing a joke on me.

We met him a few years ago for lunch in NYC. I’ve been in touch with some of my wing mates as well in the last year or so. It’s “life event” time, kids marrying, parents dying.

The drug story will have to wait. OK. Here ’tis. After graduation I was visiting at a party next door to major campus dealers, I knew one. They gave me $10-20 to get a small amount of pot. I’ve never done drugs nor will I ever unless a doctor prescribes it for end-stage cancer. I went over there. They sat me down and did an intervention for 1/2 hour. They said you cooked for us once. Do not ever take drugs. Blah blah blah. I told him I was set up, I didn’t do drugs, would never do so and I’m glad you liked my chicken.

There are too many stories to tell now so permit me to tell you how we often ended a weekend evening. Circle, arms around each other and singing something about going home with the armadillo. I now know it as a Texas standout song from Jerry Jeff Walker, and have even visited Gruene Hall where he sang it, called London Homesick Blues.

And I substantiate the rumor that the English sense of humor is drier than the Texas sand. We all hugged in a circle and kicked our legs for that seven minute song.

That, W, is something I’ll always remember. Dee

70’s Theme?

I’m thinking of getting together a cocktail party with a 70’s theme. Of course I’d have to come up with a cocktail. James Beard can help me with that, his book of course. I am honored to have cooked our graduation dinner at the Beard House. He and Julia Child revolutionized the food world. Julia brought French home cooking home, and James brought Americans to regional cuisine that celebrates our heritage, yet it worked together. Amazing!

Instead of a can of cream of mushroom soup, I’m changing it up, culinarily at least. No disco ball, but disco music will be found and played. Actually I liked Jerry Jeff Walker, Pure Prairie League and Marshall Tucker better, still do. London Homesick Blues was/is our un-official alma mater theme.

Perhaps a red/white checked tablecloth and cheap candles melted over a wine bottle as decorations. I’d have to find, buy and scuttle two bottles of “Blue Nun” for that.

I’d do the cheese fondue with real Gruyere. Now that I’ve written this it’s more about what changed in the culinary world in the 70’s that got folks out of the post-war canned goods phenomenon. That deserves some work on my part, which I will impart to you once complete.

In college in the 70’s I was the cook, usually for ten or more every evening. I never had to clear a plate or wash a dish, or go grocery shopping. There was a list, and they were supposed to get a 50# bag of potatoes. They brought home canned potatoes because they were on sale. From then on I went grocery shopping, with my list, and told them what to get!

Ten-plus people on $120/week (six residents at $20 ea), two meals per day was tough. But other students always showed up, for food and camaraderie. And nightly games of Uno.

Any ideas? Chime in anytime.

Auld Acquaintance

Lest they be forgot, we must mention old friends, like those who were born a continent away at the same time on the same day and actually met and became good friends. I don’t do BFF’s here, people, go to another blog.

My mentor and priest called recently, the man next to my father that I’ve known the longest (34 years) called me out of the blue.

I’m wrong on that, as my brother is 45 but I was away in college and working for years so that may be a tie.

Old friends, that is what I’m restricted to. Steven Gordon in the second grade for being the only other reader who our parents took out of phonics because we could already read so we read fourth-grade books and I went beyond, reading Death Be Not Proud and The Diary of Anne Frank.

Beverly for being a sweet and loving country gal, Debbie for sleepovers and Mary Anne for being fun. In high school it was Julie but we had other friends. Debbie (a different Debbie) ended up being fake, and our friend Mitzi, a Mormon, died in a car accident on a trip to Utah at age 16. Julie and I have been in touch again for a couple of years, through her mother’s knitting shop. We were born the same day, same time in different countries (her Dad was stationed overseas).

College. Ugh. Can one count The Swamp as a friend? I was all but their sorority sister, but Brian’s the point man here. He’s the fixer, he puts people back together, amasses groups at annual reunions and attends funerals. We thank Jerry Jeff Walker and London Homesick Blues for keeping us together all these years. Cheers and happy New Year!

Those are the oldest friends, a few of whom I’m still in touch with.

Alumni Affairs

A big reunion is coming up, college related, and I haven’t been to a single one over the years. Pictures of me in a red-and-white striped gown I recycled from my high school prom have been circulated. I remember the dress but not my date’s name. Awful dress, and obviously the date didn’t stick around.

My roommate worked in the development office and got paid for it. I got to volunteer for events, which was always a treat because the meal involved was way better than one could get in the cafeteria. I gave out name tags, hung coats, and let the alumni know they were appreciated by giving them a smile and treating them well.

Now, I hear that alums will not be allowed to “rent” dorm rooms for our reunion, as many years after graduation, they’re afraid we’ll do something we didn’t think of at age 19? Personally I don’t think I could sleep within those cinder block walls even for one night.

Yes, I’m thinking of going. Bad idea, I know. I want to see a few old friends, meet one retired professor and maybe even go to Mass. Imagine that, roof falls in and it’s all me.

It’s the London Homesick Blues all over again. Thanks to Jerry Jeff Walker for helping me to get through college! Cheers, Dee


My mother said, even when I was in high school, that I liked to listen to dirges.  Sad songs.  As this flood of music comes back to my brain and to my heart I hear a lot of ladies’ names: Angie (Rolling Stones): Sara (Dylan); and happier ones like Amie (Pure Prairie League).

Then there are the war tunes, including Brothers in Arms (Joan Baez) and spirituals (Let Us Break Bread Together).

And we can’t forget when the levee ran dry, and the three men I admired most took the last train for the coast.  That must have been the day the music died.

When I bought my new guitar, bad purchase – a dreadnaught – but it sounds nice, I asked for a  beginner book and was steered towards the Carpenters. I told Doc that’s a slippery slope and I don’t want to go there so started with Dylan and a country song book.

We spent a few months in Scotland and our favorite restaurant was right down the block, Italian, run by Rocco, formerly an Italian Carabinieri (cop).  Our last evening we exchanged gifts.  Rocco gave us little pastries in limoncello from Sicily.  We gave him a classic Sinatra CD “Come Fly With Me” and ended the night with the entire restaurant singing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” after Jim sang the first few verses of “El Paso.” [Marty Robbins]

That led to a much more slippery slope.  Our last evening in Scotland was memorable, even though we had to get up at 3:00 to get on the road to London and home.

Perhaps the” London Homesick Blues” got to us and we had to go home to the Armadillo, sweet country music from Amarillo to Abilene….”  I think Jerry Jeff should change it to Aberdeen. Perhaps if he wasn’t in England, he’d like the countryside more, especially from Scotland, an ornery bunch if there ever was one.  Sign me up!

I do like anthems, dirges, songs that mean something so Mom was correct.  I’d ask her to listen to a song, even early Beatles, and she didn’t understand.  Then came a lot of rock, plus James Taylor, Dave Mason, Carole King, Dan Fogelberg, Art Garfunkel, young Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Loggins et al.

I think people who write, perform and listen to this music must not eat, bring own veg food or chomp on the local grub.  There’s an idea, follow a band to find out what they eat, then go out as an advance person and make it healthier.  Not me, I’ve never been a Band Aid.  But if you’re hurt I probably have something in my car to fix it.

Please know I’m going to use what I’ve made of your songs to play to put babies to sleep and for family and friends to sing a song or two over the holidays.  Thank you songwriters and singers, nautical wheelers, Dee