I’ve an appointment in the morning. He’s a barber, across the way. I love this Harley-Davidson guy.

A couple of things. I’ve thought bangs. I had him take off 8″ last time and he was very judicious in his choices. He played it safe in case I changed my mind, and I love him for that.

Probably no bangs as mom used to trap me in the bathroom, put tape over my forehead and cut below it. I’ve a very low forehead, so the more I squirmed, the shorter they were. Plus, it’s terrible to grow out.

I’ve a trip in the fall, overseas for dad’s birthday. Should I get a severe  cut and have it done again? Know that my hair does what it wants. It’s down to my shoulders now  so flips up. I feel as if it’s the early 70’s and I’m trying out for a part on the Mary Tyler Moore show.


On Saturday a pair of shoes arrived courtesy of my husband. He chose smaller than I needed. Yesterday three pair arrived. The first was just right, second too small and third too large. Goldilocks. I have brown hair and a dog, not bears.

Then I set an alarm for my hair appointment this morning. Dave Mason singing “All Along the Watch Tower.” Instead of awakening me, it brought me back to open high school campus when I used to run home between classes, hop in the pool, listen to Dave Mason loudly, a LP album while sitting in a pool chair lined with his cover wrapped in tin foil to “reflect.” I think that’s the wrong kind of alarm but the dog has been out and fed and out again and I’ve nearly two hours until my appointment.

I’ve a few serious questions. Last time I visited Mr. B, a Harley enthusiast, I asked him to take 8″ off my mane. It was the day after eye surgery and he was hesitant so hedged his bets, God bless him.

Now it is short but hot on my neck and it is August.  Mr. B knows my rule. The front has to be long enough to tie up for cooking so I don’t get hair in our food. Should I go dramatic? Bangs (no), and still get it cut again before our river cruise?

I’ll know in 1.5 hours. There’s another question in the plan. Doc says I have to wear a brim as I’ve a small cataract (I’ve a Tilley with tokens intact after 10 years, and a Texas summer cowgal with bling for this season) so the haircut is immaterial! Scarves will be my signature so hair and me don’t matter any more. Carpe diem. Dee



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