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My Christmas Gift

Thank you, WordPress. This NY gal never thought she’d be the top post on your Marty Robbins blog. It’s a long story but I have to thank husband Jim, his Nanny, PDXKnitterati, Juni Fisher and that little cowboy Joseph. Thanks, y’all for some fine family music memories. I dedicate this gift to Jim, because today is his birthday and he sang El Paso in a restaurant in Scotland at our going-away party that started everything….

Cheers, y’all come back now, hear? Dee



My mother said, even when I was in high school, that I liked to listen to dirges.  Sad songs.  As this flood of music comes back to my brain and to my heart I hear a lot of ladies’ names: Angie (Rolling Stones): Sara (Dylan); and happier ones like Amie (Pure Prairie League).

Then there are the war tunes, including Brothers in Arms (Joan Baez) and spirituals (Let Us Break Bread Together).

And we can’t forget when the levee ran dry, and the three men I admired most took the last train for the coast.  That must have been the day the music died.

When I bought my new guitar, bad purchase – a dreadnaught – but it sounds nice, I asked for a  beginner book and was steered towards the Carpenters. I told Doc that’s a slippery slope and I don’t want to go there so started with Dylan and a country song book.

We spent a few months in Scotland and our favorite restaurant was right down the block, Italian, run by Rocco, formerly an Italian Carabinieri (cop).  Our last evening we exchanged gifts.  Rocco gave us little pastries in limoncello from Sicily.  We gave him a classic Sinatra CD “Come Fly With Me” and ended the night with the entire restaurant singing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” after Jim sang the first few verses of “El Paso.” [Marty Robbins]

That led to a much more slippery slope.  Our last evening in Scotland was memorable, even though we had to get up at 3:00 to get on the road to London and home.

Perhaps the” London Homesick Blues” got to us and we had to go home to the Armadillo, sweet country music from Amarillo to Abilene….”  I think Jerry Jeff should change it to Aberdeen. Perhaps if he wasn’t in England, he’d like the countryside more, especially from Scotland, an ornery bunch if there ever was one.  Sign me up!

I do like anthems, dirges, songs that mean something so Mom was correct.  I’d ask her to listen to a song, even early Beatles, and she didn’t understand.  Then came a lot of rock, plus James Taylor, Dave Mason, Carole King, Dan Fogelberg, Art Garfunkel, young Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Loggins et al.

I think people who write, perform and listen to this music must not eat, bring own veg food or chomp on the local grub.  There’s an idea, follow a band to find out what they eat, then go out as an advance person and make it healthier.  Not me, I’ve never been a Band Aid.  But if you’re hurt I probably have something in my car to fix it.

Please know I’m going to use what I’ve made of your songs to play to put babies to sleep and for family and friends to sing a song or two over the holidays.  Thank you songwriters and singers, nautical wheelers, Dee


The police department has a facility nearby.  With the air conditions the way they are today, I’m hearing the trains come in and drums.  They’re practicing.

Hopefully it’s for a parade, not a funeral.  They practice the bagpipes there also, which always makes me think of a celebration of some sort, but hopefully not a funeral march.

At our flat in Scotland last year, we often heard the pipes, on the street.  Imagine that in Texas!  I miss the sounds.  Jim and I get one CD a year (normally downloaded but we were at Borders) and I got Loreena McKennitt’s “A Midwinter Night’s Dream” that I haven’t really listened to as yet.

I love the Celtic sounds, and this includes The Holly and the Ivy, and Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle (bring the torch, Jeannette, Isabella…) and since we don’t get a tree, having music in the house will bring joy in the holiday season.

Enya also has a holiday CD out.  I think I’ll put together a holiday iTunes selection for Jim to listen to en route to and from work.  No Celtic, no drums.  He prefers Marty Robbins.

Homage to City Slickers

I flew to El Paso to bring in the cattle
Allergic husband has sent me to see
The great outdoors and the joys of battle
against the great beasts who are sent to me

The Hummer has stalled so my hand
took it in stride, he told me my latte was
not far away. Compressor is on land
so my MacBook should get some gas

About the time the Hummer is tanked
so the iPhone can go up as well.
The folks at Rosa’s Cantina can thank
Our electronics for my precious cell.

The compressor has started our first day
My DVD was eaten, oh well
The cattle have run off, who says
My compressor did it anyway.

I’m texting my publisher and shrink
Who were crazy enough to think
That being in the outdoors was good for me
I got my stuff back, thankfully.

DAC 8/4/08

The Little Cowboy

When we last visited Jim’s folks ranch a couple of weeks ago, their grandson Joseph helped them pick out goats. During his summer visit with the grandparents, he is bonding further with the goats and informs us that they like overdone peanut butter cookies. Sorry, Grandma Margie!

When we visited a couple of weeks ago, every morning the sounds of country singer Marty Robbins wafted through the house… “Out in the west Texas town of El Paso, I fell in love with a Mexican girl….”

So this five year-old is now a country singer, cowboy (don’t want to see him with cows as he’s an expert at locking up our Zoe with our smart dog being none the wiser) and has a future in animal husbandry if he doesn’t go into something silly like physics.

We’ve some news for this future rancher. “Don’t tell anyone the only protein you eat is chicken fingers! Have some veggies and starch, an egg and maybe even beef so you can grow up into a big cowboy. After all, you loved my festive coleslaw. That’s a start. Love, Aunt Dee”