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Making a Difference

I believe I have and still do so. I started with high school and TItle IX. I was discriminated against through high school, college and legislative work, gender and sexual discrimination. It was a burden. Now I am told after I’ve had a bank account for 20 years and added my husband of nearly 15 years on the account that I am “just the wife” and need his approval before they speak with me of my accounts.

I would like to say that I make global changes. Perhaps I do, locally and regionally. They may percolate.What are my wishes? Make people equal and give opportunities and health care to all. Do not discriminate in employment and housing.

As to pets, please adopt from a shelter. You’ll have plenty of time, if it’s a reputable shelter, to get to know him or her and decide whether it’s a fit.

My first cat was sent to me at five weeks after falling off a 7′ shelf. I named him Nathan, God’s Gift. The dog kept her name Chani but had been severely abused by her owner, a deputy sheriff, and left out in the yard to have stones thrown at her by neighborhood kids. My last cat was nine weeks, was returned from an old folks’ home because he was too energetic. I called him Mick Dundee as he was fearless and dogs used to run away from home to play with him. He ended up being Mickey. Mouse, only sometimes. He learned to fetch crumpled post-it notes and drop them at my toss over the sofa again. He did sleep in Chani’s bed with her for a year so appreciated my dog’s brain.

If I’ve made a difference here it is that I’ve dealt with over 4,000 rescues and ferals. With education I’ve helped make spay/neuter a reality in several areas of the country. In the midwest and south, a gun is usually the solution. My husband’s family had a dairy for years and cats caught vermin, yes, and drank a bit of milk. Now they have a ranch.

My dog was to be relegated to a goat pen out back when she was going through two hip removals for the worst dysplasia our vet had ever seen. I told my husband we would not visit. His father cleaned and placed a dog crate in my husband’s old bedroom. She sniffed it and jumped up on our bed. Now she stands on his Dad’s place on the sofa and awaits his return from feeding the cattle. She’s a house dog! Farmers don’t understand that distinction. She’s a herder and follows me everywhere, not just being let into the entryway on a three dog night.

I made a difference in legislation and volunteering. Now I’ve other avenues. Cheers! Dee


Blue Skies

Smiling at me

Nothing but blue skies

Do I see


No fleas are looking at me

Nothing but no fleas

Do I see


Our Zoe has had three fleas this past week. The first, he found and methodically bathed her for 30 minutes, enough to kill a family of fleas. One jumped on top of her dense fur at the park and he sent it to its demise. Another he found a few days ago and we both flea-combed her and didn’t find anything.

She eats excellent food and has never had a flea in nearly 14 years. I think it’s a combination of a warm winter/summer and her slowing down a bit with age.

Attack mode. I’ve been through this before with rescued animals. Boric acid on the carpets. Vacuum. Diatomaceous earth (worms) but he went the extra mile and got dog soap that kills the eggs, larvae, pupa and adults and she has to have that bath this morning, after she had flea medication the other day.

He also got 10# of diatomaceous earth for carpets and doorways. THEN he got a carpet cleaner solution and is renting one today (ours is with his mother 1,500 miles away). Yes, the carpet cleaning solution gets rid all of those above and we’ve a friend coming in to help move furniture to get everything.

My solution when I found out my adopted kitten brought in fleas was to comb them under flourescent lights and place any fleas in a dishwashing solution so they would drown. I ended up finding many eggs in the bedding so trashed all of their bedding and bought new after I did the carpets with borate and entries with diatom dust. Of course I bathed them. Cats are tough in water, I think I still have the scratches! My solution was much less expensive and intensive than my husband’s. He is a physicist so I’ll let him do his thing. I liked the borate salt and diatomaceous earth because they were benign to animals, including us.

Zoe had three fleas total, one she never brought home from the park, and my husband is tearing our home apart to make sure there are not more. He will not let me help except to clean bedding and carpets. I guess that’s my job today. Hope all’s well with you. Dee

Thumbs Almost Up

I don’t know that I’ll ever have full feeling in my right thumb from where I cut myself, but it is healing well and the worst thing now is skin loss from bandage adhesives.

It is always a pleasure to write to you and let you know what is going on, in Dee-Ville. Oh, how I hate that term, from a lame French teacher in high school.

At least I can tell old dog Zoe that I once again have opposable thumbs, something she will never have so will depend upon me for dinner until the end. I will be there for her at that time, and she will always have my “thumbs up!” She’s almost 14 years old and we met her at the shelter at five weeks. We’ll get through this but she she is changing and I need to care for her and prepare all of us for her passing.

My husband does not wish to know this or be there. I’ve said we adopted her nearly 14 years ago. We have to decide when she goes and be there for her. You can’t cop out of this one on a business trip and make me do it alone. I’ve done it alone before, several times. For heaven’s sake you’re chosen as a pallbearer at every family funeral. You just don’t want to see them die, and I need to do that.

Zoe is slowing down so much, she is sleeping more that 20 hours per day and has cataracts and is losing her hearing. Have your dog learn basic hand signals that are broad and even with cataracts they can see you and follow to come to you to go out.

I loved my Chani and taught her well. So I did Zoe because we got her as a very young pup and not as an abused and incarcerated dog for two years like Chani. I now prefer teaching a shelter dog pretty much from scratch. Both were/are great dogs.

A photo showed up of Chani with her old friend Sam. Sam was a neighborhood cat that walked in through the gate and slept near Chani for several hours a day out in the courtyard. They enjoyed the sun and the company a few feet away from each other.

I love all my pets, Nathan, Chani, Mickey and Zoe. All but Zoe are gone now, years ago. I’m still thinking there’s another pup in me (my husband can’t deal with cats for allergies) and I’d be willing to train her. Right now I do not wish for Zoe to have to deal with a pup 24/7. She wants to be with us.

As the Stones would say, “you don’t always get what you want,” but we always give her what she needs. Right now it’s not a puppy. Remember what Aretha said about RESPECT. My husband and I respect Zoe. Cheers and take care of your pets! They are family. Dee


RIP, dear Corgi friend. You showed up at my door and took my cat Mickey’s head in your mouth and were BFF’s. When my husband could not even enter my home because of his cat allergies, you adopted Mick and took care of him for a few years.

Don’t let me say Rainbow Bridge, oh I just did. But you were such good buds. You should know that our Aussie mix is eleven now, a hip-less wonder and loves cats who do not run from her. She’s only killed two mice, but that was in another state, years ago. I think the statute of limitations has gone by in her favor.

Ein is the German #1. I know because my father grew up in a German household and taught it to us. Perhaps that’s how we came together.

I was taught by an ER nurse, now head of  hospice staff, to keep all the dog’s stuff out where it was until you can’t live with it any more. I used that for Chani and it worked for me in a few weeks.

Family is sad they lost their pup but please do something to commemorate the loss. You’ve had Ein for so long you might ask the city for a tree donation, yes this costs money. I treasure the moments I missed them together and mourn your loss. I also watch over Chani’s tree on GoogleEarth and it’s doing well 14 years later. We had a watering ceremony. A few weeks earlier I cut a small piece of the tennis ball she used a couple days before her sudden death and placed it in the bottom of the hole they dug for the tree.

I was single back then. Whatever my husband and I do, wherever we or one of us goes, our girl will be taken care of. Perhaps by a cat! And I know Ein, and everyone was there to greet him when he went to rest. With great respect, Dee