Thumbs Almost Up

I don’t know that I’ll ever have full feeling in my right thumb from where I cut myself, but it is healing well and the worst thing now is skin loss from bandage adhesives.

It is always a pleasure to write to you and let you know what is going on, in Dee-Ville. Oh, how I hate that term, from a lame French teacher in high school.

At least I can tell old dog Zoe that I once again have opposable thumbs, something she will never have so will depend upon me for dinner until the end. I will be there for her at that time, and she will always have my “thumbs up!” She’s almost 14 years old and we met her at the shelter at five weeks. We’ll get through this but she she is changing and I need to care for her and prepare all of us for her passing.

My husband does not wish to know this or be there. I’ve said we adopted her nearly 14 years ago. We have to decide when she goes and be there for her. You can’t cop out of this one on a business trip and make me do it alone. I’ve done it alone before, several times. For heaven’s sake you’re chosen as a pallbearer at every family funeral. You just don’t want to see them die, and I need to do that.

Zoe is slowing down so much, she is sleeping more that 20 hours per day and has cataracts and is losing her hearing. Have your dog learn basic hand signals that are broad and even with cataracts they can see you and follow to come to you to go out.

I loved my Chani and taught her well. So I did Zoe because we got her as a very young pup and not as an abused and incarcerated dog for two years like Chani. I now prefer teaching a shelter dog pretty much from scratch. Both were/are great dogs.

A photo showed up of Chani with her old friend Sam. Sam was a neighborhood cat that walked in through the gate and slept near Chani for several hours a day out in the courtyard. They enjoyed the sun and the company a few feet away from each other.

I love all my pets, Nathan, Chani, Mickey and Zoe. All but Zoe are gone now, years ago. I’m still thinking there’s another pup in me (my husband can’t deal with cats for allergies) and I’d be willing to train her. Right now I do not wish for Zoe to have to deal with a pup 24/7. She wants to be with us.

As the Stones would say, “you don’t always get what you want,” but we always give her what she needs. Right now it’s not a puppy. Remember what Aretha said about RESPECT. My husband and I respect Zoe. Cheers and take care of your pets! They are family. Dee


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