Making a Difference

I believe I have and still do so. I started with high school and TItle IX. I was discriminated against through high school, college and legislative work, gender and sexual discrimination. It was a burden. Now I am told after I’ve had a bank account for 20 years and added my husband of nearly 15 years on the account that I am “just the wife” and need his approval before they speak with me of my accounts.

I would like to say that I make global changes. Perhaps I do, locally and regionally. They may percolate.What are my wishes? Make people equal and give opportunities and health care to all. Do not discriminate in employment and housing.

As to pets, please adopt from a shelter. You’ll have plenty of time, if it’s a reputable shelter, to get to know him or her and decide whether it’s a fit.

My first cat was sent to me at five weeks after falling off a 7′ shelf. I named him Nathan, God’s Gift. The dog kept her name Chani but had been severely abused by her owner, a deputy sheriff, and left out in the yard to have stones thrown at her by neighborhood kids. My last cat was nine weeks, was returned from an old folks’ home because he was too energetic. I called him Mick Dundee as he was fearless and dogs used to run away from home to play with him. He ended up being Mickey. Mouse, only sometimes. He learned to fetch crumpled post-it notes and drop them at my toss over the sofa again. He did sleep in Chani’s bed with her for a year so appreciated my dog’s brain.

If I’ve made a difference here it is that I’ve dealt with over 4,000 rescues and ferals. With education I’ve helped make spay/neuter a reality in several areas of the country. In the midwest and south, a gun is usually the solution. My husband’s family had a dairy for years and cats caught vermin, yes, and drank a bit of milk. Now they have a ranch.

My dog was to be relegated to a goat pen out back when she was going through two hip removals for the worst dysplasia our vet had ever seen. I told my husband we would not visit. His father cleaned and placed a dog crate in my husband’s old bedroom. She sniffed it and jumped up on our bed. Now she stands on his Dad’s place on the sofa and awaits his return from feeding the cattle. She’s a house dog! Farmers don’t understand that distinction. She’s a herder and follows me everywhere, not just being let into the entryway on a three dog night.

I made a difference in legislation and volunteering. Now I’ve other avenues. Cheers! Dee


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