RIP, dear Corgi friend. You showed up at my door and took my cat Mickey’s head in your mouth and were BFF’s. When my husband could not even enter my home because of his cat allergies, you adopted Mick and took care of him for a few years.

Don’t let me say Rainbow Bridge, oh I just did. But you were such good buds. You should know that our Aussie mix is eleven now, a hip-less wonder and loves cats who do not run from her. She’s only killed two mice, but that was in another state, years ago. I think the statute of limitations has gone by in her favor.

Ein is the German #1. I know because my father grew up in a German household and taught it to us. Perhaps that’s how we came together.

I was taught by an ER nurse, now head of  hospice staff, to keep all the dog’s stuff out where it was until you can’t live with it any more. I used that for Chani and it worked for me in a few weeks.

Family is sad they lost their pup but please do something to commemorate the loss. You’ve had Ein for so long you might ask the city for a tree donation, yes this costs money. I treasure the moments I missed them together and mourn your loss. I also watch over Chani’s tree on GoogleEarth and it’s doing well 14 years later. We had a watering ceremony. A few weeks earlier I cut a small piece of the tennis ball she used a couple days before her sudden death and placed it in the bottom of the hole they dug for the tree.

I was single back then. Whatever my husband and I do, wherever we or one of us goes, our girl will be taken care of. Perhaps by a cat! And I know Ein, and everyone was there to greet him when he went to rest. With great respect, Dee


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