I have always admired them for sticking their necks out for light. As a youth I saw them in few gardens but many pastures. They were weeds. I once brought a bouquet of Queen Anne’s Lace to my mother as a gift. She tossed it in the trash and said it was a weed.

John Denver. Sunshine on my shoulders. Sunflowers make one happy. And after they’re gone there are always the seeds that are healthy to eat, not the salty ones.

I bought a small plant, end of season on sale, small pot. Probably root bound and it looked happy outside for a week. Last week I relinquished Miss Sunflower to an adoptive home with a yard and more sun than we can provide. I was not neglectful or abusive, just didn’t understand the plant. It has always made me so happy, to see community gardeners sharing seeds and growing tips.

When I drive by I don’t know if they’re growing zucchini or tomatoes, but at this time of year there are 6-7″ Sunflowers for all to see. It is always a welcome sight before a cold winter. Cheers! Dee


One response to “Sunflowers

  1. I am informed that little Miss Sunflower is happy in the garden of the Divine Ms. M. No, not Bette Midler. Just my little Irish sister. Younger by six weeks. Thanks, M, for saving a life.

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