I live in an expensive apartment building high above the crowds and with a great view.

A few weeks ago I bought a very interesting copper bracelet from an artists’ stall outside a marketplace. I showed it to a staff member. She makes jewelry. The next day I lent the bracelet to her for inspiration so she could photograph it or draw her own piece from it.

This person did not show up for work two weeks in a row. Third week I said a kind hello and asked for my bracelet. She went and got it and grumbled that I said she could keep it as long as she wanted.

Now this person is in charge of greeting residents, preventing problems, and security and looks down when Zoe and I walk through the lobby and even though I say a hearty “good morning” or “hello” said nothing, then grunted, then finally still looks down and replies.

Did I mention we spend a fortune to live here? My and our old dog’s safety depends on someone who sits behind a desk, with cameras and buttons, ready to call 911 if either of us do not return from our walk.

Today I mentioned that a maintenance request had gone unnoticed for weeks. It was minor, I just don’t have the appropriate parts or tools. Verbal reminders to this staffer were never conveyed.

So, now the resident is the problem. I was called in and asked to go through everything. They were on their staffer’s side every step of the way. In the end they offered to convene a meeting to air each others’ grievances. I said no, thanks.

They don’t get the big picture. Instead of protecting rude, lazy, unprofessional staff they should follow the money that pays their salaries. I have it on good authority that this person shirks duties and treats many residents badly yet no-one will put in a complaint, including me.

I never put in a formal complaint yet I’m asked to sit down with this person and “work things out.” This is a gnat near the fruit on my granola. What is this world coming to? I cook for Staff, bring them chili , homemade pizza, fruit and other things. I stock the doggie treat jar. Ok, Zoe does, so she can do a trick and have one when she arrives with her entourage (me and a leash, big audience).

What happened to doing one’s job? I’m retired now but went through sexual harassment before it was banned, and brutal bosses and politics everywhere (it was politics and policy) and never had anyone treat me like dirt for asking, several weeks after lending, for a $40 piece of jewelry back that is mine. Cheers, Dee




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