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I have always admired them for sticking their necks out for light. As a youth I saw them in few gardens but many pastures. They were weeds. I once brought a bouquet of Queen Anne’s Lace to my mother as a gift. She tossed it in the trash and said it was a weed.

John Denver. Sunshine on my shoulders. Sunflowers make one happy. And after they’re gone there are always the seeds that are healthy to eat, not the salty ones.

I bought a small plant, end of season on sale, small pot. Probably root bound and it looked happy outside for a week. Last week I relinquished Miss Sunflower to an adoptive home with a yard and more sun than we can provide. I was not neglectful or abusive, just didn’t understand the plant. It has always made me so happy, to see community gardeners sharing seeds and growing tips.

When I drive by I don’t know if they’re growing zucchini or tomatoes, but at this time of year there are 6-7″ Sunflowers for all to see. It is always a welcome sight before a cold winter. Cheers! Dee