It’s Snowing! Indoors…

I’ll admit to having some assistance in this fall cleaning sweep. We got a new grill (same model 10 years newer) and are giving the old one to a friend, with some cleaner and brushes and we’ll deliver it.

My husband flew in last night and I thought everything was OK until I found out he pulled a “Shawshank” on me and tried to tunnel through the bottom sheet, inadvertently of course. Luckily he didn’t get anywhere. I tossed the fitted sheet, washed the other and luckily have another set with a slightly different die lot so put humpty dumpty back together again.

While we’ve a regular size w/d I cannot do two king sheets at a time so mix things up between clothes and pillow cases. I pulled out his king-pillowcase to wash and the pillow exploded! When the pillowcase came out of the dryer, well, there was more snow.

Snow all over the place! I tried to contain it but it was three loads of laundry and four vacuumings, first from the pillow, then every load of laundry, then carefully placing the pillow into a trash bag and tying it off.

The entire seam just burst. I think it’s time to go pillow shopping. The funny thing is that I’ve never had a pillow fight in my life. This pillow just erupted and took over several hours of my life. I like to have our home in order when my husband returns from a business trip.

From now on, let’s get new pillows and leave the snow outside. Cheers! Dee


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