White Peaches

I bought a bunch today, had one and it was succulent and flavorful so gave one away as my husband prefers nectarines.

There’s another “peach” that’s been on the bed for hours. Zoe, our dog we got as a pup has hips she grew as a pup from cartilage after we had to have hers removed, and has passed her tests but is never away from me for longer than a few minutes. She actually has the coloring of the skin of a white peach. I doubt that in the morning sun she will allow me to take a photo of them together as she just doesn’t like camera and flash.

Today she heard children outside and was desperate. Yes, this gal who’s nearing 90 in “people years” who loves people, kids, dogs and sometimes even pups if they do not jump up on her. Then she’ll just do a harrumph (I believe it means “excuse me, I’m older and more experienced” in dog) and the pup will scale it down. No barking or biting for any. Zoe is kind of a mascot around our neighborhood.

I love summer, peaches kids visiting their grandparents. Not having to wear winter boots, coats, hats. Taking care of my husband and our old dog is a joy and having kids around is a bonus. I think they’re here for the weekend and grandma and grandpa are our dear neighbors. Perhaps the kiddos can toss her ball or make her do tricks for treats sometime tomorrow.

Cherries. Every weekend when they are in season. I’ve yet to do a”cold dinner” for my husband, which he likes. Baked Black Forest Ham, aged cheddar, hard-cooked eggs, tomatoes, blanched green beans, potato salad. A great loaf of bread, I even some compound butter in the freezer from our community garden, and perhaps cornichons. He’s allergic to fish so cannot do a Nicoise salad. He thinks that because dinner is served cold it is not time-intensive however it takes much longer than to place a pot roast in the oven for three hours and cook pappardelle noodles. While I take the dog out! Cheers and happy summer from Dee.


One response to “White Peaches

  1. I made some compound butter with sweet butter, fresh herbs from the community garden I initiated, a bit of salt and pepper and it’s been in a ramekin in the freezer for two weeks. Guess who’s out to check on me and sleep by my desk? Zoe. I’ll let her have a bit of water, lift her to bed and sleep. Good night, reader.

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