We, The People

gave away more than 750 Billion to bail out banks, insurance companies and others.

Here is how my bank is treating me. I had two accounts for years and added my husband when we married. We now have four accounts and are co-signators on all.

Wells Fargo Bank says I need my husband’s authority (him on the phone, on a plane, not a good thing) to pay a fee for our nephew’s private school tuition. Yes, I need my husband’s approval to pay a bill.

It is my account yet they need my husband’s approval to pay what is coming out of my account. They said I needed to look up all Bill Pay information and re-insert it. No-one sends us paper bills any more. It’s a fool’s errand.

The bank reinforced the error by asking us to invest. If I’ve no access to checking, savings, direct deposit or my meager grocery account I will not be using this bank. I’ve found another who is sending information as I write. Twenty years as an account holder (I wrote the president) and I need my husband’s approval to send our nephew to school. Go figure. I pay the bills, and do not need approval to use our funds from Wells Fargo or anyone. Dee


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