Lunch Money

If we brought our own lunch we’d have PB&J or bologna and a piece of American cheese, I didn’t care for either.

It was an extravagance to have a red token for $.35 for a full meal of awful “swiss steak.” Then there was the green token, good for a cup of milk. I used to add a penny from my allowance to it to get the same amount of chocolate milk.

Not a mom, I don’t know what is happening with kids these days, especially those in households that cannot afford to keep them properly fed. We never went without food, it was a lunch box with a sandwich  and a two-cent token for milk, or a school lunch for one red and one green token for lunch and the milk. Plus one cent from my immense $.50 weekly allowance for chocolate milk.

Right now I’d love to remember my lunch boxes as I had many and they would be heirlooms now. I can’t think of any! Tell Corky it was too early for “Remains of the Day” lunch boxes and “My Dinner with Andre” action figures! As you wish, Dee


2 responses to “Lunch Money

  1. Ha! Just figured out the difference between “Red & Black” (basic) & “Matador” (deluxe) meal plans at TT… (Initially I signed Z up for wrong one which I immediately fixed, but still likely he’ll need “supplements” ;-)

  2. This was grade school, way before you got to grade school and college! Do they really call it “Matador?” I know you’ll do everything he needs. You always do. D

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