We Have it Easy

Our choice of five week-old pup we named Zoe, Greek for life, was a given. When she’s in trouble my husband says “we should have adopted the dumb one,” as she’s intuitive and smart.

He grew up with Border Collies and Shepherds on the ranch, to keep the dairy cows from being attacked. Zoe’s nearly 13 years old now and in good health. She was afraid of two baby female goats years ago, probably because I named them Eleanor (Roosevelt) and Rosa (Parks) for personality, not color.

Last night, every day, I marvel at Zoe. She is so good with kids (kids parents and grandparents set appointments to come to visit in summer), adults and big dogs, little dogs and survives pups who jump up on her. She’s not allowed to be a therapy dog, even at hospice, because she eats raw food.

I’m not looking to add to our family or replace Zoe but was wondering if I’ve a last pet in me and I think I do. I think about Standard Poodles, Portuguese Water Dogs or Wheaten Terriers that do not shed and do not have one or two undercoats that are like tumbling tumbleweeds.

A dog with wash ‘n wear quality would be near to my heart, as Zoe hates a hair dryer and combing/brushing out but loves my massage bath.

Zoe lives indoors. That was a problem 12 years ago when she met my in-laws. They started with a goat pen, no, dear husband, we won’t go. Then they settled for a dog crate they found and cleaned and placed in my husband’s old bedroom. Now she sleeps on the bed and cleans all the crumbs over our five-day Thanksgiving cook-fest and stands on my father-in-law’s perch on the sofa to watch him come back from feeding the cattle. He doesn’t acknowledge her so is dearly loved.

She got me up early for her quick walk and dinner, and is now in the the  office at my feet. As I said yesterday she doesn’t mind fireworks, thunderstorms, the Blue Angels or Coast Guard helicopters. She minds having her “pack” or one may call us her staff, away. Pet your dog today. Wash your hands and make a nice dinner. Dee


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