I got up at four this morning. My husband actually got home by ten p.m. which is a miracle. At six in the morning the dog wanted to go out, walk, be fed and go back to bed.

She is a fan of sleeping atop our bed with anyone who is in it, my husband sleeping off a long week or flight, or me with flu and chicken broth. No, she only gets broth in her dish, after I’m done.

Of late I’ve been dreaming of family and good health. My husband spent 18 hours getting home last weekend to spend 24 hours with me and the dog, most of it snoring. This July 4 weekend we’ve a dinner, a couple of other things to do but it’s mostly down-time and he has three days!

I think he wants spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Too early to go to the store, but I can check out the pasta shelf in the pantry. How many tea towels and dog towels has he ruined with that sauce?

We’ve moved a few times and I know to use the pantry before we move it. If there are half-full or full spaghetti wrappers for which I use moving tape to seal, I will use them. It’s not as if we’re looking to move, it makes room on the shelves so I might make, when we get a new grill, Asian-inspired kebabs over marinated Udon noodles with perhaps marinated chicken, peppers, pineapple and onions. Radishes on the side? Perhaps cucumbers as well. We’ll see.

I’m set to make an English trifle for dinner on the 4th. Interesting that I learned on my own, not from Mom who switched from turkey Christmas to Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding with mincemeat tarts et al.

There’s the rub. I usually use pound cake, make whipped cream and top layers with various berries. Also lemon zest and juice. I was thinking of making a healthy one with angel food cake, low-fat vanilla Greek yogurt and berries. Yeah, I thought so too. Door #1 it is! Dee


One response to “Dreams

  1. Sounds like y’all will have a nice Fourth… Home from Lubbock (freshman orientation 6/30 – 7/01), we’re planning on the same w/neighborhood party Sun night, Big Bristol Parade Mon AM!

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