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Lunch Money

If we brought our own lunch we’d have PB&J or bologna and a piece of American cheese, I didn’t care for either.

It was an extravagance to have a red token for $.35 for a full meal of awful “swiss steak.” Then there was the green token, good for a cup of milk. I used to add a penny from my allowance to it to get the same amount of chocolate milk.

Not a mom, I don’t know what is happening with kids these days, especially those in households that cannot afford to keep them properly fed. We never went without food, it was a lunch box with a sandwich  and a two-cent token for milk, or a school lunch for one red and one green token for lunch and the milk. Plus one cent from my immense $.50 weekly allowance for chocolate milk.

Right now I’d love to remember my lunch boxes as I had many and they would be heirlooms now. I can’t think of any! Tell Corky it was too early for “Remains of the Day” lunch boxes and “My Dinner with Andre” action figures! As you wish, Dee


What Goes Around Comes Around

Piglet. That’s me. A.A. Milne’s character. I gave a name to all my young friends and ended up with Piglet. He was Winnie The Pooh’s closest friend. We chose by paper ballot.

I ended up becoming the supporting character in another’s life, piglet once again. Now, I’ve been lent a talking piglet to place on my key chain, so many years later. I wonder where Tigger is these days. I taught him Algebra and he taught me Geometry. No, we never went on a date, I was a kid!

Where is Eeyore? No one’s seen Christopher Robin as we never named him. I know him now as an amalgam of all the great teachers I’ve ever known and thank them for all they’ve done in their lives and for their students.

I’m looking to Piglet’s new life and not on a key fob. Piglet would always honor and protect his best friend Winnie the Pooh. Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

That’s just one Piglet scenario, thanks to a great writer and director and bad guy. Certainly Piglet will have others and use words, not swords. Thank you, everyone for The Princess Bride, also Wallace Shawn for the cliffs of insanity and the Sicilian quote about death.

Inconthieveable! Dee