My father received an important award this summer. I spent quite some time trying to get a copy of the newspaper that carried the story the next day. It required several calls and the reporter and some folks were very kind.

My sidekick and I, my framer Kelly, decided to make it old school black and white and metal, like a print shop. I was asked to wait until they were home to send it and then I did.

Then the US Postal Service messed up and it was in a warehouse for weeks and they threatened to send it back to me. More hours on the phone with USPS, finally got up the food chain, got a new tracking number and it arrived this afternoon.

Hello? Hi, it’s Dad. Hi, Dad, how are you doing?


It is black and white and silver, old school newspaper, with five sections, the header, two of the article, one of the award and him speaking, and one of dance. Another artist is going to frame the award. I believe Dad said this was the greatest gift I ever gave to him. It was supposed to arrive on his birthday and that was over a week ago but blame the postal service for never leaving a note for redelivery (it was in the file, I know because USPS said they never left one as they researched it).

Dad, I’m sorry for not wanting to hold your hand as a kid walking down Main Street. I needed to be independent. I cherish all you have meant to me over the years, all you have taught me and the love you have shared.

Who else can get a phone call saying “I Love It!!!” I try, Dad. Dee


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