I’ve been working with a major tax preparer online, had to file an extension for one day due to misinformation from said preparer and got the federal refund in two weeks. Now two states are dismissing large refunds because the preparer missed a line in the 1040 and has acknowledged their error.

These states do not want to pay us moneys the Feds say are due because of an error on a line that was not my fault. I put in all the information and TurboTax failed to submit it to two states.

The preparer will not give me a human on the phone even though they admit they erred. They made me stay on hold for 90 minutes, it was another 90 minutes with us online and my husband, a software guy, updating their stuff for free.

Then they scheduled a phone appointment this morning. As of now they’re 7 1/2 hours late for that call. I am on deck for another for four hours. Also have a complaint in because we paid for a premium package and my husband, last night, a software genius, probably saved them millions by detecting the problem and solving it for them. I still can not get a person on the phone to solve a simple problem that they acknowledge is their fault.

We’re missing several thousand dollars in refunds from two states and cannot get them because this company will not solve the problem that they caused. My husband even paid $44 more yesterday to fix this. He claims we’ll get $30 back. We’ll see if that ever happens.

The IRS OK’d our return and we got our refund in two weeks. We paid prime prices for a service that does not perform. It does not properly fill out state returns and will not even tell us they’ve been approved, including Federal, which we received over two weeks ago. I tried the phone again and got in line but no-one will call back.

I’m hopping mad and did not even make dinner. My husband is out getting a burrito, and a taco bowl for me. I put on a down coat to walk with him but it was too cold without hat and gloves for me to take the dog with us. Imagine that, in late May. Might it be winter again?

Tomorrow I need to run errands, clean, make three meals, pay bills and provide moral support to my family plus give out “assignments.” Mine is to get on the phone with TurboTax no matter how many hours it takes. It’s a lot of money to lose for a missed number on one line of a 1040. Dee


One response to “Frustration

  1. S finally helped us yesterday. We sent 70 pages to our home state per their request electronically and by FedEx Ground. The other state has not requested anything yet but we’ve another packet ready to go.

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