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I’ve been working with a major tax preparer online, had to file an extension for one day due to misinformation from said preparer and got the federal refund in two weeks. Now two states are dismissing large refunds because the preparer missed a line in the 1040 and has acknowledged their error.

These states do not want to pay us moneys the Feds say are due because of an error on a line that was not my fault. I put in all the information and TurboTax failed to submit it to two states.

The preparer will not give me a human on the phone even though they admit they erred. They made me stay on hold for 90 minutes, it was another 90 minutes with us online and my husband, a software guy, updating their stuff for free.

Then they scheduled a phone appointment this morning. As of now they’re 7 1/2 hours late for that call. I am on deck for another for four hours. Also have a complaint in because we paid for a premium package and my husband, last night, a software genius, probably saved them millions by detecting the problem and solving it for them. I still can not get a person on the phone to solve a simple problem that they acknowledge is their fault.

We’re missing several thousand dollars in refunds from two states and cannot get them because this company will not solve the problem that they caused. My husband even paid $44 more yesterday to fix this. He claims we’ll get $30 back. We’ll see if that ever happens.

The IRS OK’d our return and we got our refund in two weeks. We paid prime prices for a service that does not perform. It does not properly fill out state returns and will not even tell us they’ve been approved, including Federal, which we received over two weeks ago. I tried the phone again and got in line but no-one will call back.

I’m hopping mad and did not even make dinner. My husband is out getting a burrito, and a taco bowl for me. I put on a down coat to walk with him but it was too cold without hat and gloves for me to take the dog with us. Imagine that, in late May. Might it be winter again?

Tomorrow I need to run errands, clean, make three meals, pay bills and provide moral support to my family plus give out “assignments.” Mine is to get on the phone with TurboTax no matter how many hours it takes. It’s a lot of money to lose for a missed number on one line of a 1040. Dee


Mentors and Nice Pets

Let’s start. We’re nice pets to have. I was very upset when I started our taxes and we were getting money back. Then we got the second W-2 after the company changed hands and we owed money. I thought there was a horrible mistake, then I went through the 100 questions and figured it out.

We pay a lot to live here, if we had kids they’d be off to college or if younger, in private school if we could afford it. Otherwise our kids would be going into a sub-par school district. We pay a lot and don’t use the service so we’re a good pet to have around. So shave a couple hundred dollars off the taxes we already gave you and we’re good to go.


As to mentors, of course there were my parents. Still my Dad (Mom’s gone nearly 6 years now). I never thought I had any but they are there throughout my life. Even as a kid I knew I didn’t want to vacuum in pouffed hair, a dress and heels but Mom was smart.

Other than parents, before I was eight I’d gotten two mentors, MR and GG. Both were educated men who taught me about science, radios, philosophy, psychology and more. MR allowed me and my little sister to come over once a year to watch Dorothy change the world to color with all the Munchkins and go to Emerald City. GG taught me the word triskadekaphobia which means fear of the number thirteen.

MR died recently. It’s good that we got to see each other a few years ago. I know he led a good life with wife and family. I’ve had other male and female mentors to be spoken of later. Right now my thoughts are with our old neighborhood and friends. I wasn’t allowed to cross the next street so our street had seven homes on it so as far as mentors were concerned, I was blessed.

Dad would be called on every night for two-base softball in our back yard or touch football in the street and everyone, all the girls, played because that was his rule. When it was dark everyone went home and slept soundly. The street will never be the same. MR, I don’t know what your handle was but may it be retired in your name, sir. Dee


Just The Wife

Over 11 years ago when we married I placed my husband on a bank account I’d had for five years. Now when I rarely call about an issue, like a waiter stealing my husband’s card number and trying to charge thousands of dollars, they say they cannot talk with me without my husband’s approval.

Newlyweds. Place your names on everything. If something happens to your spouse, heaven forbid, if your bank, cable, electric. gas, water, sewer won’t talk to you without your spouse’s authorization, you’re up a creek without a paddle.

I’m retired now but worked my entire life and made a big mistake when we moved here two years ago. My husband came into town for a conference then flew home and we drove two cars cross-country. I put everything in his name because he’d have to sign for things in those two weeks. BIG mistake.

For these two years every time I’ve an issue, rare, I have to wait until he gets home, I call the number, he says the last four of his SSN and birth date and says, “I’m going to give you to my wife, here is her SSN and birth date and she is to be put on the account and has every right to do anything on our behalf. Here she is.”

Do not allow this to happen to you. Luckily when I make a mistake, I learn from it and never let it happen again. Yesterday I talked to his work. We’re married and file taxes jointly. The company changed hands a few months ago and our tax information is confusing.

I called the company to ask about what happened with deductions when they fired everyone then made them sign papers on the spot re-upping with the new company. No spouses were allowed, as it was an impromptu secret meeting. My husband signed papers I never saw.

They were very kind when I called yesterday but due to “social situations” I’m thinking divorce, they would not send me our deduction information for last year. In a pinch, I asked if it could be emailed to my husband with something that just said “Please forward to Dee.” Well, I got it, but am still “just the wife” which I hate because I’ve had a career for years. Just because my bank or our cable or electric company don’t get it, I’m retired and I pay the bills. My dear husband did send his company some version of a power of attorney so I could receive the tax information I should be providing in the first place with the knowledge of who we are and what we have and what the IRS needs from us. Cheers? Dee

Arthritis and Taxes?

Oh, it was supposed to read death and taxes, the two sure things to which we look forward.

Well, I had to call our tax experts who are now charging us for federal taxes after making their site even more difficult to navigate, to put in a second W-2 because my husband’s company changed hands last year. All of a sudden I get a Miscellaneous Income check for $2K which we never received. Without the latter we went from getting 3K back to owing $500. Now I have to go back and do everything all over again. Dear Signore Dante, on which level of Hell have I landed?

Last time I had problems with this tax service they all laughed when they gave me a call back number that was a sex line. Their lawyers said I wrote the number wrong but I heard them all laughing and that was enough for me. Help!!! Dee


Budget Cuts

Many of us have had to tighten our belts over the last couple of years due to job cuts and the sagging housing market. Our government has been using our money to bail out banks, insurance companies and auto manufacturers and now unemployment is even higher and the American people are feeling no relief.

So, why is the Air Force using our money to buy up land in the Wasatch mountains to build hotels so armed forces personnel can fish, ski at rates that will also be subsidized by the US taxpayer? Probably the same reason our military “owns” the best land on the coast of California for golf courses et al.

Yes, I have a Superman to look into this one, take it on NotionsCapitol! Cheers, Dee