Memorial Day

Over 12 years ago my now husband and I requested an appointment with a retired Navy Captain and his wife, the Admiral as he called her. We said we had decided to marry, in five days and found a way for the Captain to become Deputy Marriage Commissioner for a day and marry us. We asked his dear wife, my other mother, to be a witness on the marriage certificate.

The Captain took a moment to think about it and said yes. Mom insisted on buying my bouquet, which was very simple and elegant. I bought roses for the gals and French tulips as boutonnieres for the gents. We had a lovely luncheon and went off to a very strange honeymoon, I think I already wrote about that.

This Mom took care of my husband while I prepared for our elopement with hair, dress (rented) et al. Dad wrote the vows personally and I typed them up in big print for him to read. It was beautiful.

We sneaked into a eucalyptus grove overlooking the Pacific ocean and were married in two minutes. Eight of us. Lunch on us, then we went to our new home and called our parents.

To me, Memorial Day means that a good man is back home at Annapolis after many years of service. His family moved from here to there, everywhere and landed where we met, through our dogs. Three years ago my husband and I flew in for his final move with ceremony. His family is my family. Their three sons call me “sis.”

He never told me about his service but his son did at his burial ceremony and he had a storied career and was a hero. That is what I think of on Memorial Day. So put down the burger and the beer and think of what Memorial Day means to you.

Please have a wonderful weekend and think of those who have served. Dee

ps I had to tell the Captain he couldn’t go around town willy nilly marrying anyone he chose, he was committed to us! D


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