Greyhound Stories

Years ago I was a leader in a volunteer organization and I began and led a weekly project with my volunteers guided by their own leader. The organization is Greyhound Pets of America. They take “retired” racing and other hounds from racetracks mostly, fix them up, and take great care adopting them to good homes. It keeps them from being shot when they lose a race or can’t make any more puppies.

I met a gal today at a specialty pet store where we get Zoe’s food. She’s currently volunteering for a local GPA, has a Grey from there and is fostering another, a Greyhound/Coonhound mix. The Coon people wanted a Grey to make faster hunters. He saw a raccoon and ran away so they wanted to shoot the dog. This brave lady intervened. The guys just wanted faster hunters and out here, y’all shoot the ones who don’t make the cut.

While I was volunteer leader at a GPA weekly “turnout” when they take the dogs out to exercise and socialize and eliminate, they had 32 dogs in individual crates. The track dogs felt comfortable there as it was their experience as they’d known no other. They were turned out three times per day.

One came in that was an AKC (show) dog and the dogs didn’t like him for that. Also, he’d been raised with show Rottweilers so thought he was, you get it, a Rottie. I had to take him alone, across the street to a fenced yard and let him go. Man, it was a treat to see that dog run. As a joke I suggested subliminal tapes at night that said “I am a Greyhound, not a Rottweiler.”

The lady and I have five things in common. Of course we love dogs and volunteer. We save/adopt/foster orphans and strays. We appreciate the Greyhound for all its glory. We feed our pets best quality food. We abhor animal cruelty.

Here’s another. Martingale collars that were born to fit dogs like Greys, Silken Windhounds, Collies, anyone who can slip a collar easily. I have two from this great company, all Asian silk and hand-sewn. A Martingale is a two-looped collar with no buckle that offers added control. They have them in the store and can order. Now that is a specialty store. Write in if you want more info.

I put one of my two with a 3/4″ braided leather collar. I’ve arthritis since 25 and often there’s ice on the sidewalks so between the 1.5″ collar and flexible 6′ leash it gives me control. Their shop has a relationship with this growing company and our conversation began with her admiring Zoe’s unique collar, asian silk, emerald green with dogwood flowers and brass trim. I love Greyhound stories!

Must go. Dog went to the vet today for a heartworm test and she’s lethargic. Ate dinner but needs to go “you know where.” Cheers! Here’s to GPA and Greyhound Rescue. Dee



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