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Fun in the Snow

Snow’s a-meltin’ and no friends were out yet but Lulu had a blast catching this snowball, thrown by my husband, at the Park this afternoon.

We were glad that the neighborhood kiddos got to sled down the hill to the tennis courts across the way this weekend, without their folks freezing in negative degree weather. Also one intrepid ice fisher had out his tent and compressor (for digging a hole in the ice) on Saturday, and the BMX bikes were out in the jetty as well before the lake ice began to melt.

We came home to a nice warm bath. For Lulu, of course, so now she’s bitten all the towels and is frizzy until she dries later tonight. It was a good dog day!

Prayers to the folks in Turkey and Syria, who’ve lost loved ones in the earthquakes. Cheers to all, Dee


Spring Days?

It’s very cold but all the students et al are on the annual St. Patrick Day pub crawl. We got to the grocery store early and were sure of enough goods to be laid out on the dinner table after I tackled a refrigerator with one science experiment I never want to re-do. Mold on my spaghetti and homemade meatballs…..

We did not want to be out on the streets in a car or on foot during the pub crawl so made sure we had everything we needed to stay in except taking out the dog.

It was easy for me to fall back into sleep during the day and the NCIS Lucky Ducky Marathon. Now it’s the middle of the night and I can’t sleep and don’t drink coffee so that’s the way it is.

Other than that, it’s incredible that our dog is as smart as she is, and I regret it took both of us nine years to get there. The lesson is that she doesn’t need more food, she needs more of a challenge so we will try to do that.

We see all the dogs, even squirrels from here and all of us love a good walk. Seeing buds on the local lilac bush is promising. Right now the wind is blowing like crazy and the temp is 29 but with a forecast of a top of 26 later on, with snow. Guess my husband will be taking my car to work because my snow tires are still on. I have the gear to walk anywhere.

Spring is different along the Lakes. Geese and Seagulls fly by. The lake is frozen, then thawed. An ice fisherman did take my hand to stand on the Lake a few weeks ago. He was a sweetheart but I would love some warmer weather.

The dog has gone out for the last time, perhaps there are no more leprechauns or drunken students out in a few hours when I take her out again. Happy St. Pat’s, Dee

Wants and Needs

I want my husband to return home, and our dog to sleep past 5:00 in the morning. I want to wear my Nadia croc boots to deal with melting snow and ice and the correct jacket for the weather when we go out for our first and second morning walks.

I need for my husband and Zoe’s (the dog) “dad” to come home so she keeps from stalking me and protecting me every moment of every day he’s away.Also a few hours to make chile to have with our former neighbors or give them some to go home with after a water leak has kept them from their home for several days.

Safe journey, my dear. The little one is still getting her beauty sleep and it’s about time I re-joined her for mine. With love, Dee

Kindergarten Chic

Early this morning after I took the dog out, twice as always, I went on an errand a few blocks away for my husband. En route it started snowing softly, and now big-time. Winds are whistling and it’s snowing sideways and raining straight down, if one can imagine that.

I was supposed to complete this errand Monday but they’d not processed it. This morning I walked about eight blocks to get there for pickup.

Perhaps you remember, especially if you grew up in the NE or mid-west your mother making you mittens with a string that went through your coat. I’ve one better, My Auntie L made woolen balaclavas that only showed our eyes and we could pull it up over our noses.

To walk eight blocks I wore, bottom up, Sketchers suede shoes with great traction on the ice, SmartWool socks (new ones with pattern that are very comfortable), nylon workout pants, Pipeline plaid ski pants to go with…

a cotton camisole, a polar tec anorak from Tiso bought in Scotland when we were there, an 800 fill Marmot ski jacket and a polar tec vest atop that. Plus wool cap (thanks Doug in Park City) and microfiber gloves, orangy-red, to go with cap, scarf (made by Auntie L in pinks and orangy-reds and gloves). It is not that cold or I would’ve gone with the fur Cossack hat and waterproof gloves and perhaps snow boots. I don’t know, living in the cold has allowed us to expand our repertoire to include everything from rain to snow to ice and beyond. Think Buzz Lightyear. To Infinity……… and Beyond!

When I arrived there I was about to say that if our order was not ready yet again, I would cancel it or they would have to deliver. For fun, I brought the new signature Gucci Museo bag from my father in which to carry my wallet and other items. It was my little inside joke to myself being dressed as a kindergartner off on the first snowy day.

Then, I didn’t want to dress for it. Now it takes time, especially when the dog takes me out multiple times a day but I know how to stay warm, and dry. When I grew up it was all wool. Now I check the weather online and find out temperature and wind speed and instantly know what high tech layers to don.

We do not yet have the leather face masks they use in the arctic to prevent noses from freezing and falling off, but will do so if we ever go there. Stay warm and dry and watch those winds. Cheers! Dee

Winter Wonderland

There’s not much snow but it is a joy to see kids on their sleds going down the hill.

We got two aluminum sleds with Scottish plaid mats and used them to go down a 10′ hill. Here the kids have a bigger hill and families flock to it. It’s joyous enough to want my husband to go down that hill… with the dog!

There’s really not much snow here, just a couple of inches but the kids need to do their thing. Yes, I do remember those days with chores but no worries. Dee

Gingerbread Town

Yesterday started with a barrage of hard rain, which later in the afternoon turned to snow. Fat, wet snow propelled by high winds and an angry lake.

All in all, I think we got about an inch of the white stuff, just enough to coat the grass and parks and nearby rooftops. While it is still wet and windy, it does look pretty for the holidays though I heard more sirens yesterday than in any day here.

In our neighborhood, it’s nearly impossible to park on the street. Even if one does get a space, it usually must be vacated in an hour or two and the parking police are nothing short of vigilant. While I’ve thought paying to park two cars underground for a tidy sum is outrageous, I’m beginning to see the beauty of it. I can get in my car, park underground for free at the local grocery store, and never shovel or scrape the windshield or get my feet wet. Nifty!

Are there any new ideas out there for holiday menus? I’m thinking of a couple of pepper-crusted steaks, baked potatoes and perhaps brussels sprout gratin. Mincemeat tarts, to bring friends who are having us over for dessert. Now all I have to do is brave the weather to clean the grill.

OK, ladies. After tomorrow my husband is off work until next year! Any projects you can think of? We’ll definitely try a couple of museums, and get his snow tires put on, maybe take a day trip or two. Any ideas? Thanks, Dee

Looking Up

A couple of weeks ago our nearly nine year-old rescue dog looked up for the first time. She realized that when tree branches rattle there may be a squirrel.

No, she’s never caught one but she’s a grounder and has gotten a couple of mice in mud season which were tossed into the Preserve for the birds and foxes et al.

We’re always looking up to new possibilities. Granted, we’ve been looking down recently with the economy but now are looking up. There might be a squirrel out there with our names on it, and Zoe’s. No, we don’t let her eat them. Dee