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Fun in the Snow

Snow’s a-meltin’ and no friends were out yet but Lulu had a blast catching this snowball, thrown by my husband, at the Park this afternoon.

We were glad that the neighborhood kiddos got to sled down the hill to the tennis courts across the way this weekend, without their folks freezing in negative degree weather. Also one intrepid ice fisher had out his tent and compressor (for digging a hole in the ice) on Saturday, and the BMX bikes were out in the jetty as well before the lake ice began to melt.

We came home to a nice warm bath. For Lulu, of course, so now she’s bitten all the towels and is frizzy until she dries later tonight. It was a good dog day!

Prayers to the folks in Turkey and Syria, who’ve lost loved ones in the earthquakes. Cheers to all, Dee