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It’s easy to have it in my mind, for any crazy, sane or simple outside the box idea. In my eye, not so easy. I have to time antibiotic medication so I can get things done then be at home for a few hours while my right eye becomes too blurry for me to drive and for it to come back before even walking the dog. You should see the condition of sidewalks and streets here, if I were to make a recipe for Disaster, these would be the main ingredients.

It doesn’t help that my husband is across the country all week, every week. The pain and granules coming out of the eye are lessening, as I believe is the swelling.

Yes, I’ve been fitted for glasses before but no-one has ever messed with my eyes until now. I’m glad my doc is a good one and hope next week I’ll find out I don’t have cancer.

The day after surgery I walked over to my barber across the street, with whom I had cancelled an appointment when this whole eye thing came up. My hair was way too long and straggly. He took off tons of hair and gave me a bob I’m learning how to work. I’ve scrunchies, beautiful clip bows and even a Ferragamo headband (30 years ago it was the only thing I could afford at the Duty Free in Milan).

Bert the Barber and I have a rule. My hair needs to be pulled back and secured when I cook at home. We do not like hair in our food. I’m also a stickler for cross-contamination but only my butchers need to know about that. Oh, perhaps I’ll do a piece on cooking rules. I’ve already got pantry ingredients/recipes and utensils and essential cookbooks. On site. Yes, packaged, ready to go, and free. This is not a monetized site.

Oh, I made a succulent pot roast last night over pappardelle noodles. My husband loved it. He leaves before seven tomorrow so I’m making him oatmeal in milk topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt and berries. That’ll keep him full on the drive and the plane. Special recipe to anyone who actually gets to Volume 2 of Essential Pantry and tries a recipe. Cheers! Dee




Of “Relo Cubes” and Moving

Friday afternoon, without telling me, my husband got a U-Haul truck and cleared out our 5x5x5 “relo cube” from the ABF freight terminal near work. I wasn’t ready for this, 1.5 weeks into our brief sojourn into a teeny apartment with rented furniture to which I want to bring practically nothing until we find a permanent place to live. We don’t even know yet from work which city that may be, so are currently in limbo.

I was quite judicious in my selection of only one piece of furniture (a printer stand that doesn’t look like one) and 12 boxes. One for Jim, the PlayStation III, the rest for me. Mostly stuff to make the kitchen palatable. I’ve been dealing with the Cort Furniture “housewares package,” making Jim’s eggs with a cheap teflon plan and over-sized plastic spoon.

Today (it’s 4:00 a.m.) I will pack up most of Cort’s kitchen package above the frig to have room for my specialty utensils as I only have one drawer in the kitchen and right now it’s filled with useless things.

I’m taking only what I need from the boxes and we’ll return the rest to storage next door. Oldest commercial elevator in town. Wooden rails at each story, old wood floor and you must work the metal cables to pull yourself from floor to floor. Priceless! We got a larger unit than we thought so we can cherry-pick what we need, from the printer to my summer clothes. We have two piles on either side with an aisle down the middle (6×8 total) with eight all-weather tires up front. Though we were told not to change out our snow tires until the end of May as there’s “always a storm” in May.

Yesterday was St. Paddy’s Day but we spent it relo’ing and I unpacked all but two of the boxes. One is bathroom stuff (consolidating from three baths to one) so I used the printer stand drawers, one for Jim’s shaving kit and my makeup bag, and the other for Zoe’s brushes and shower hose. The open area is for toilet paper (handily holds 12 rolls) then I put an existing basket on top and decoratively rolled four new matching dog towels so it actually looks pretty.

Jim was convinced we didn’t need the printer stand but if it moves his shaving kit up two feet (he’s very tall) he’s all for it now.

Now I need an office. My 24″ monitor is in a box we took in the car, along with my trackball mouse. I’ll get a table that fits along the wall or in a corner window going out to the balcony. Add a new toothbrush stand, toilet brush, and paper towel holder and I’m ready to go do our taxes this coming week! I’ve already run Fed and State but need to clarify some deduction information before filing.

Two issues we had here with the furniture is that the place is too small for a dining area so we got three barstools and they were too high. They were replaced Friday, and we also had to switch out the queen bed for a king so that Princess Zoe would be happy. Yes, our dog has spent eight years on our bed, since Cousin Val took out her hips and I had to watch for her biting her stitches. Thanks to you, Val, Zoe will NOT sleep on her bed on the carpet, even with the travel pillow we bought her a year ago that she loves!

My aches and pains are lessening from lifting boxes, and I have my food processor, spices, electric tea kettle and essential utensils (pictured on this blog). And while we got ingredients for burgers yesterday, I was too beat to cook so we got tri-tip on root veggie mash from The Eatery for dinner. Aside from “Wobbly,” (family cow) it’s the tenderest beef I’ve ever eaten. Yum! It’s nice to have even a partial paycheck after ten weeks and a move across the checkerboard states! Cheers and have a great weekend! Dee