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It’s easy to have it in my mind, for any crazy, sane or simple outside the box idea. In my eye, not so easy. I have to time antibiotic medication so I can get things done then be at home for a few hours while my right eye becomes too blurry for me to drive and for it to come back before even walking the dog. You should see the condition of sidewalks and streets here, if I were to make a recipe for Disaster, these would be the main ingredients.

It doesn’t help that my husband is across the country all week, every week. The pain and granules coming out of the eye are lessening, as I believe is the swelling.

Yes, I’ve been fitted for glasses before but no-one has ever messed with my eyes until now. I’m glad my doc is a good one and hope next week I’ll find out I don’t have cancer.

The day after surgery I walked over to my barber across the street, with whom I had cancelled an appointment when this whole eye thing came up. My hair was way too long and straggly. He took off tons of hair and gave me a bob I’m learning how to work. I’ve scrunchies, beautiful clip bows and even a Ferragamo headband (30 years ago it was the only thing I could afford at the Duty Free in Milan).

Bert the Barber and I have a rule. My hair needs to be pulled back and secured when I cook at home. We do not like hair in our food. I’m also a stickler for cross-contamination but only my butchers need to know about that. Oh, perhaps I’ll do a piece on cooking rules. I’ve already got pantry ingredients/recipes and utensils and essential cookbooks. On site. Yes, packaged, ready to go, and free. This is not a monetized site.

Oh, I made a succulent pot roast last night over pappardelle noodles. My husband loved it. He leaves before seven tomorrow so I’m making him oatmeal in milk topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt and berries. That’ll keep him full on the drive and the plane. Special recipe to anyone who actually gets to Volume 2 of Essential Pantry and tries a recipe. Cheers! Dee





Let’s take a state in which a resident has long-term roots. Here’s my recipe for disaster to ruin his life.

Add a spoonful of politician who taints the state. Stir in 1/4 cup of presidential ambition.

Let’s add two cups of ego, 1/2 cup of false bravado, a cup of anti-human rights medicine that extends to anyone that doesn’t look like oneself to include hatred against races, gender, religion, and actual or perceived sexual orientation.

Add a tablespoon of his own medicine, from Mr. Pence, how he sleeps at night. Add 1 teaspoon about how he really feels about his family while espousing hatred against voters.

No, I will not include cyanide in this recipe because he needs to live through this, Governor, and face those with roots in what you think is your state. It is the state of your residents, your voters. You may take a fall politically for your party because you’ll never be president, but when you do so you take a fall for everyone in your state. Sorry, you were thinking about yourself, not “them.”

My family and friends have roots in the state you govern. Right now they are embarrassed to claim to do so. Why? You. When I worked in politics years ago I knew that the bureaucrats just waited for the elected politicians to leave office so they could keep the balance and eliminate extra work.

I vote in this instance for those who have deep roots in democracy, thoughtfulness of others, and pride in their State. Discrimination is hatred. Those with roots will save and grow those roots for good. You, as a politician, will go by the wayside. Let’s hope you have a day job. Cheerily, Dee