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When You Walk Through The Storm

hold your head up high, and don’t be afraid of the dark. At the end of the storm there’s a golden sky and the sweet silver song of the lark…… you’ll never walk alone.

I met a lovely lady today over pears and plums at the grocery store. She might just be a lovely woman here from the north country with her husband, for the day, or she may be angel here to help me on earth or elsewhere. I think I still have some work to do here. My husband is brilliant and 99.9% able to put down the toilet seat. He is about 2% at putting on a new roll of toilet paper. See? I’ve work to do that includes taxes, bills, contracts, editing class materials, plus our home and dog.

This lady, K, taught me how to judge pears and plums for ripeness and I got a pear and she told me to keep it two days and it would soften. I told her my story of poached pears in ponchos from cooking school. More on that later. I’ll have to make up the recipe as I do not have it from years ago. I do not like to ever give you a recipe I’ve not tried. Especially if I did so years ago and have replicated it or currently given it my own spin.

It was just so wonderful to meet K, as we have similar heritages and tastes. She wore an Hermes scarf. I need to find my Ferragamo’s some day! My husband keeps telling me to get rid of these last boxes and they may include my scarves, our marriage certificate, car titles and essential files. I need to go through each one first, dear, then it’s burn, donate, save or store. Luckily we have storage.

Moving is an art for us. Dad even got me a Florentine office waste basket, it’s leather and folds flat. A good day, Dee



Yes, it happens once a year. Always in the car, usually driving from my husband’s folks home with hubby dear in the passenger seat, snoozing.

It’s the Thanksgiving trip which is exhausting at least for the women who do all the planning, shopping, prep, cooking, serving, and cleaning, twice. Of course the men are tired from eating and watching football.

The first one was about Maria who couldn’t afford the pretty bird so got the beat-up cage with a nightingale inside. We all know the end of that story. I was in tears. I do not like most Christmas music, especially things like a grandmother being trampled by reindeer.

This year I was alone on the road driving from St. Louis to Tulsa and there was this song about a poor kid who wanted shoes for his mother on Christmas Eve and a stranger gave him the extra money to buy them because the kid’s mother is going to see Jesus tonight.

Waterworks in the car. Truckers had to be laughing out loud. My husband, if he’s awake in the car when it happens on the radio between religious and country music, will affirm that it only happens once a year.

My favorite songs of the season include but are not limited to:  Silent Night; White Christmas; Burl Ives’ Rudolph; Greensleeves; The Little Drummer Boy; Gloria in Exelsius Deo; and O Tannenbaum.

So why don’t you make us some figgy pudding and bring some right here. Yes, I’m making “figgy pudding” as a tart with ricotta salata. We’ll see how it goes with our guests. As Bing Crosby (look him up) said in White Christmas the movie: If you’re worried and you can’t sleep, count your blessings instead of sheep, and you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings. I do every day. Dee

What’ll I Do

with just a photograph to tell my troubles to. As sung by Linda Ronstadt, Lush Life.

And It Never Entered My Mind, “order orange juice for one.” Solitaire. I had the album, Lush Life, years ago but need to buy this now. The songs are lush and lovingly put together.

My husband will love the music in his car. I’ll be careful to get it now as he stole my Kristen Chenoweth  cd and I never got to hear it, probably because the dog’s not allowed in his car and her 4″ orthopedic bed is in the back of my SUV. But we don’t spoil her or anything. Road trip? My car, dog in back. A few songs on tap and when hubby’s asleep I’ll just hit on Peter Paul and Mary and sing harmony.

There’s something about the way Ronstadt sings and Nelson Riddle’s orchestration that still moves me. It’s like Tommy Dorsey and The Chairman (Frank Sinatra) were together again but more elegant and subtle. It’s the strings that make it, as a young violinist who quit after a few years at age nine. Sorry, Mrs. Smith.

When I heard Linda or Frank years ago I was alone and eating peanut butter sandwiches over the kitchen sink. Yes, I toasted the bread. Married for over a decade I still love the songs. No, I do not try to get blind dates for my friends, but still love good music and if you choose Linda or Frank you’ll never go wrong. My favorite album of all time is Frank’s Come Fly With Me. It made me want to go places and see things and luckily I’ve been able to do that. Cheers! Dee


Song in my Heart

Yes, I do wake with a song every morning, well, most. And I sing it in my head and sometimes, aloud. It’s usually old musicals and goes from Shall We Dance to … I can’t even think of them the next day.

Often I held a song in my head for weeks and hated it. Then I had the opportunity for another. So perhaps my mind told me that I need a song a day to make me and everyone else happy.

That may be what made me give up guitar. My teacher didn’t want to let me learn what I wanted to learn and was paying him to learn in private sessions. He was a drummer and didn’t care if I knew beginner chords and only wanted me to keep the beat and mess up all the time.

That’s not how I work in business or how I learn on my own time. Famous drummers may get the girls but the guitarists and lead singer do better. I’m married and only want to be able to play and sing for family and friends. I prefer to do the serious work to learn and do better and let the drummer play the drums, keep the beat and I’ll set the tune and do harmony (play second fiddle) from time to time.

Now I keep my nice guitar hydrated every few days but rarely play it. I’m still a beginner, was scared off by my teachers, Bible Belt guy and Drummer. I’ve a treasure trove of music, most of which I just downloaded free lyrics and figured out the chords myself.

Yes, Drummer and I tried to sing a song together and I went up a third in harmony and he followed me. He stopped and said “Oh, I bet you have perfect pitch.” I told him I didn’t know but my father said I did and so did two of my music teachers. From then on it was downhill. He was not nice after that.

The problem is that I don’t have the vocals to do anything pro, I can sing my own harmony to practically anything (not today’s ersatz music for kids) many can play instruments and I quit violin and piano as a kid and regret it. Yes, at 12 I had a band of three guitar players all with no skills and the other two were tone deaf. Now any teacher I find will have tremendous skills to teach me and I’ve wasted something my DNA gave me because I wanted to go to the mall with my girlfriends and I barely remember those girls’ names now.

In order to play basic guitar chords I was introduced to Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Johnny Cash. They’ve become good friends by their music. Dylan, well I want to play many of his works but the chords are not yet known, I can sing them but not play them…. yet. I’m not a musician but would like schools to place that back into their curricula. Music translates to math. It is not something to cut for budget reasons.

Today I sing on road trips with my husband, especially when he’s asleep (don’t worry I am at the wheel), to CCNY and all my friends, and all in harmony. I could sit as a beginner at my guitar and sing Bob Denver’s song that could make my husband nearly come to tears. In the end it’s all blowin’ in the wind. Dee

PS There is Love (John Denver’s Wedding Song) and I always stand on your shoulders, my dear. Music in schools. All is love, Dee


I had a revelation today. As the lightning, thunder, wind, rain, snow and sleet came down around me I realize I have a voice.

When I was young, it was channeled into violin, piano and ballet. Then my parents got me a cheap guitar and I started up a mainly tone-deaf band at age 12.

I gave it all up. Singing a solo and being second then first chair violin was stressful. I was very shy and one parent told me I could do anything or be anything, and the other said I was worthless. That guitar was stolen.

A few years ago after I filed our taxes (which I’ve yet to do this year) I went in and bought a starter guitar and signed up for lessons. I took private lessons from  a gospel singer, then a drummer. I bought a fancy guitar and the only thing I do for it now is keep it hydrated.

I wondered why I couldn’t keep up the music, then just figured it out in this storm. I’ve found a voice. Some folks around me don’t like it, but for the past 15 years I have a voice. I called both my US Senators today. My voice and my pen (keyboard now) are my instruments for now.

Yes, every once in a while I lay back, close my eyes, tune my guitar and play Bye Bye Miss American Pie, or Teach Your Children, or even 500 Miles. Perhaps I’ll do that now.

My voice needs to be my voice and words until they are no longer needed, then I can play another instrument. I am a multi-tasker but with everything else… Think about it, Dee